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To The Girl Who Doesn’t Look Like K- Stew

imma line

Dear Girl,

I’m sorry it took me so long to write this. I suppose it took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. By now, you might not even be a girl any more. You may have already graduated college . You may have gotten married. Maybe you’re about to start a family.

Dear Girl,

You are beautiful.


Let me elaborate.

I never really noticed how important it was to look like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight community (though it was all around me) until a friend came to me upset, explaining to me that people were only considered “pretty” if they looked like Kristen Stewart. I had began to notice she was right. Girls would post pictures of themselves – even videos – asking “Do I Look Like Kristen Stewart?”.

In selfies, girls would slightly distort their faces to change their facial features to have similarities of Kristen Stewart. We were all so obsessed looking at a picture and trying to see that face, that we completely overlooked the fact that this person was actually making a weird and unflattering face.

You don’t have to look like Kristen Stewart to be beautiful. Be you. Do your makeup the way you want to wear it, throw your hair up (or leave it down) the way it feels comfortable to you, and when your taking a  photo, show YOUR smile, not someone else’s.

Anyone can cosplay. By all means, have a Bella day. Wear her clothes, do your hair and your makeup, but don’t lose you. At the end of the day, take it all off, wash your face, and look in the mirror at your reflection – because if you are so set on looking like someone else, one day, you will look in the mirror and realize your reflection is not your own. It’s not what its supposed to be, and you may not be able to get back the reflection you’ve lost.

Dear Girl,

Love yourself, love your face, and always remember to love your twilight partner in crimes’ as well!

Love Always –


imma line





Bella’s Plaid Cropped Jacket

Hey everyone!

A couple of you guys had noticed me wearing an alternative to Bella’s plaid cropped jacket in a recent video i posted for the “Best dressed Bella competition”

You asked where I got it and I am here to answer!

Way back around June or July I posted a link to a website where they advertised “Bella’s Plaid Hoodie”


I figure if i bought it, the print is pretty good though not identical – i could totally alter it myself 🙂

A lot of people don’t realize that the back of Bella’s jacket is slightly pleated (either pleated or there is an elastic inserted  in the middle of the back)

I got rid of the zipper, made sure to crop the jacket to my preferred length (along with the sleeves), and add pleats (though you can add the elastic instead) it was pretty easy and didn’t take me long at all 🙂 – here are some pictures of it 🙂

(some pleats)

Cropped sleeves

Whats great about cropping this jacket is you don’t have to take it in any to make it fit properly – Bella’s jacket if very loose and almost bulky in a sense.

If you decide to order and crop the jacket, a few things you should know and come to expect.

There are options for you to get certain things embroidered – you can if you want, but there is also an option to leave it blank.

They DO embroider their logo (quite large) on the back of the hoodie – luckily it is so low you should be able to crop the whole logo out.

I’m usually a small when it comes to sizing, but i bought a medium so it was a little bit looser looking, and it fits exactly how it should! 🙂

(Please ignore my face! – no make up + trying really hard not to shiver = awkward serious face!  – it was about 25 degrees when i took this 😦 😦

Let me know if any of you have questions about this top! 🙂 

Go Ask Alice Cullen!

Hey guys! I have been working very hard on my Forks post believe me! It is finally almost finished! 😀 I took a break from writing that post to bring you this post 🙂

Inside Bella’s Closet has a sister blog now!

Thats right! IBC is teaming up with a new blog called Go Ask Alice Cullen! This blog is for all of you big Alice fans out there! Go check it out! Awesome clothes and cosplay ensue!

Go Ask Alice Cullen

You can Also click the picture in the side bar! 🙂

Bella’s Plaid Biology Field Trip Jacket

I accidentally came across a link that sells a similar make to her jacket and advertises it as such – you can actually get it embroidered with cool twilight stuff 🙂

Bella’s Jacket is a lot shorter and i think has three quarter length sleeves, but you can always alter it 🙂

Bella’s Plaid Jacket

Clothes From You Guys! :)

Okay everyone! A lot of people have been sending in pictures of clothing inspired by Bella’s clothes! 🙂
Here are some of the clothes you guys have sent in! 🙂

From Sarah – This is a Jacket from Delia’s. When Sarah was shopping she spotted it and was reminded of the Rubbish jacket


– Thanks Sarah!! 🙂 🙂

This was sent by Angelie!

This jacket reminded her of the jacket Bella wears in Twilight on the Biology field trip! 🙂

Thanks Angelie!

This Top is from Ginger!

It is a Joie Top that looks similar to the Joie top Bella wears in the movie theater in New Moon 🙂 – she found it at  Marshalls for 49.00 !

Thanks Ginger! 🙂

This is from Kathryn! She had bought these sneakers and then realized that These sneakers are very similar, if not the same brand of sneaker Bella wore in the scene where she kisses Jacob in Eclipse! 🙂 (If someone can find a pic of it, please send it to me! 😀 )


Thanks Kathryn!!!

Also, here is a link from Sommer! It has a lot of Twilight inspired Jewelry, very beautiful stuff! 🙂


Thanks Sommer! 🙂

Excuse me for the sideways-ness – this is from ginger! 🙂 – an alternative to the make out scene shirt – you can find it at target! 😀

These next two links are from Cloe 🙂 !

Shirt one

Shirt two

If I’m missing anyone, let me know!!! I have so much email, i may have accidentally misplaced yours in the wrong folder!

Enjoy! 🙂

My Boyfriend is Amazing!

There is one thing I have always kept my eye on and have always wanted to get – Bella’s headband.

I have made previous posts about it and will repeat myself again (for all of you yahoo question askers who constantly receive the wrong answers about this!!!!)

The headband that Bella Swan wears in Twilight and in New Moon is the Goody Stay Put Head Band.

If my memory serves me correctly, the only places they sell this specific brand of Goody hair accessories is at Wal-mart in Mexico, and Kroger in the United states. (you can also find them all over ebay)

Like I said, I have been eying this headband for a very long time. What has been stopping me you ask? There’s no such thing as Kroger here in CT -.-‘

My boyfriend had texted me a couple of weeks ago from Ohio (where he goes to school) telling me he was ‘stuck’ at a Kroger’s waiting on a friend.

Pretty much instantly the lightbulb went on in my head, and i texted him, instructing him to go to the hair stuff section and look for the head band – luckily, my boy friend DOES (sometimes…) read my blog (hey love!) so he knew what it looked like and found it!

Last week he came home to visit and showed up with my headband(s they come in packs of two) and a dozen long stemmed roses 🙂 He’s such a good Edward 🙂  I’m trying to convince him to do a photo shoot with me for this blog…I think i may put a poll up on the sidebar for people to vote whether or not he should – I’m hoping lots of people vote the positive and convince him to 🙂

When i first blogged about the headband, and reviewed all of the photos of the headband, it looked like there were tiny little beads on the band. Now having the head band, i realized its more of a rubbery rope… i took some close up pictures of the headband so people can see it a little bit closer – here ya go 🙂 –

My beautiful …and slightly blurry….(sorry) roses 🙂

Thats it for today, post back soon! 😀

Merry Christmas, here’s your big present!

I woke up today and looked out my window realizing my world was covered in over 2 feet of snow! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m very excited to say we may just have a white christmas! 🙂 (now to figure out how to get my christmas tree…… maybe i should have done that before the storm…)

So! feeling in the Christmas mood, I thought I’d share a little family  Christmas tradition with you all.

My family and I usually open our presents on Christmas morning (from Santa – I’m 21..my brother is 25…my sister is 18 …my mother still thinks we believe in santa…oh well it’s still cute ^^) after were done, we exchange presents with each other. My mother usually gets us a couple of little nick nack gifts, and after were all set, we usually get one big gift each. thats usually the moment we all wait for 😀

considering it’s so close to christmas, i thought I’d treat you all to a big gift! 😀

So, you thought that they retired a lot of Bella’s clothes, and you cannot get them anywhere else.

Well, you thought wrong! (sort of ^^)

Ladies and gentlemen! (well..probably not so much gentlemen but maybe some! 😀 )

I present to you!

The ultimate cosplay website!

now before we all jump the gun and click a link, I want to describe to you exactly what this website is.

This is a cosplay website that makes a whole bunch of different outfits for different shows, movies, etc.

you will find they have a collection of Twilight outfits there (not just Bella’s clothes!)

you can find Bella’s Rubbish jacket (I actually bought it – its amazing and i get compliments on it all the time – even people who have no idea what jacket it is…they just love the style – I’m going to post pictures up of the clothes i purchased from there so you guys can see how it all fits incase your still a little iffy about the site)  

you can also find Bella’s prom dress, Her brown jacket from New Moon – her super huge yellow jacket she wears it has a lot (it also has Edward’s clothes, Jane’s clothes etc)! I wont go into any more detail, you guys have to check it out for yourself! 

Here are some pics! 

What’s Great about this website is that they show you different angles of the clothes. they even give you close up shots so you can see the look of the material.

NOTE!!!!!! –

These clothes are not the original clothes – they are designed and custom-made to fit your size. They are not the actual brand name!

A little background about the site

the clothes and made and shipped from China.

the designer is not from china, but travels all around the world on tour with twilight conventions, showing all of his designs. 

It really is an amazing website (even if the english is a little bit off – like i said…china hehe)

You may have to try getting onto the website a couple of times…somtimes the website is overloaded with visitor and it wont work. not to worry! if it doesn’t work the first time, just try it again and there shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

finally! Heres the link just in time for christmas!

PS – any men out there….this is what you want to get your twilight obsessed girlfriend for christmas ^.~ just a hint.

let me know what you all think of the website, I’d love to hear if you decide to order anything in the near future! 😀 

Merry Christmas! 😀