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Bella’s Entertainment Weekly Shoot Wardrobe Causing Confusion?

June 12th 2012, Entertainment Weekly released a “sneak peek” photo of Bella, Edward, and Renesmee Cullen clad in outfits that seemed to compliment each other. We were told to check back the next day for a complete release of official movie stills as well as a couple of new EW Magazine covers.

For some reason, when I read breaking dawn, one outfit in particular stood out in my mind (yes, spoiler alert!). When Bella goes to pick up the ‘legal (…not so legal..) documents’ for Jacob and Renesmee, she is describing an outfit Alice, no doubt, had picked out for her. The main piece being a cashmere dress.

I obviously cannot say for sure, but it seems as though the dress Bella Swan is wearing on one of two EW covers COULD be the dress. I was so excited to see this dress as well as all the official stills, I COMPLETELY overlooked something rather important.

I was having a very quick one on one chat with John Henson ( The Hillywood Show costume designer and owner of the official Twilight Costume Collection), when he brought up the main photo of Bella, Edward, and Renesmee.

Most of us, if not all, are very familiar with the outfit displayed on Twi-tour:

Incase a couple of us are a bit rusty, lets review. The Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer, Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants, and finally, Steven by Steve Madden Isolate Lace Up Booties.

Having a quick glimpse at the Entertainment Weekly photo, we’d all assume it was the same outfit…

Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer, Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants, and finally, Steven by Steve Madden Isolate Lace Up Booties. !?!?!?

John had brought it to my attention that those boots though at first glance look the same, may in fact be a completely different pair, if not altered.

Coming from a man who owns a pair of the Isolate boots, he states that the ones from Twi-tour have a thick sole, while the boots’ soles in this picture have a thinner sole. The laces also seem to start further up on the [EW] boots.

“They seem custom or altered. The back leather guards are very battle fantasy…”

John went on to explain there seems to be an extra leather piece wrapping around the back that lace into the front, and the boots may not even have a heel. He then joked and said the designer could be toying with us twifashion fans.

So… if these aren’t the Isolate boots… what are they? And if these aren’t the Isolate boots… will they be showing them in the movie at all?



Part I Twilight Parody

Normally I would only write one post a day, but i feel the two subjects I have for today both deserve their own post, just because they are that awesome!

I have to admit, i find myself pretty much plastered to my computer watching Youtube for a good portion of my day when i have nothing to do. My favorite subject on youtube is parody. I love parodies! And being a big twilight fan, I especially love Twilight parodies! I have watched so many , all of them being very clever and funny, but one particular parody stands out in my mind.

“Twilight Parody” by The Hillywood Show, separates themselves from all of the rest. Not only do they have awesome mock Twilight scenes, and camera shots, they also have actors/actresses who ressemble the characters INCREDIBLY, and, of course (perhaps most importantly), they have the CLOTHES!

This music video is a PERFECT example on how to match Twilight clothing!

Take a look and see for yourselves!!!

This is the link to their Youtube home page. You can watch more of their great videos there, including the newest one, a preview for their New Moon Parody! Hope you enjoy!!!


You can also find them on their actual home page and follow them throughout the Twilight tours!


I would like to thank The Hillywood Show, Hilly Hindi and Hannah Hindi for giving me permission to post their amazing video!