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Rare Items: 3) H&M Plaid

ima moon

In the beginning of my collecting years after acquiring a tiny little collection consisting of one BB Dakota and one Billabong Hannah Jacket, I decided to set off and try to find SOMETHING that resembled that cute little button down shirt Bella wore in the beginning of Twilight. For some reason it was appealing to me in a way no other item was. I think it may have been the fact that every times I went to go see twilight in theaters (I counted 8 times) I became more and more infatuated with this whole story. When the opening began, I would get butterflies in my stomach and the second I saw Kristen Stewart on-screen, I knew I was back on the 2 hour ride through Twilight. pheonixI guess I had subconsciously roped together that feeling with this top. Obviously, I needed to have it.

I hate to admit it but I was HORRIBLE at trying to find good alternatives. I found one such alt. in H&M. I was pretty bad, but on the right track. My lovely roommate back in the day modeling said alt



Later on I would learn the top had been spotted as an H&M Plaid. Reading all the reviews and seeing none on ebay except for previous listings pretty much geared me up to except the fact that I would never in a million years own one.

2 years later proved me wrong when I saw a listing on Ebay for quite the pretty penny. No one was touching it. Though it was expensive, the price wasnt unheard of. I had the extra cash, and I wish I could say I gracefully hit the Buy It Now button without a care in the world. Truth is, where I was had no internet connection, so I demanded my friend lend me his phone while I obsessed over the listing for about 5 minutes before I actually bought it, all the while my friend telling me I was crazy.

I received the package just in enough time to take it to Forks with me for my first officially Stephenie Meyer Day as Bella Swan.

Now on to the good stuff!

The actual fabric itself is actually really soft. Though soft, there is no give. It feels delicate, but is actually very strong. The color of the fabric as a whole could be considered a bit muted, but when you study it up close, the greens and reds really pop.


My 2 favorite aspects about this top:

A) The shoulder straps. For some reason I just love any shirt or jacket that does that! I feel like it kind of achieves the look crazy shoulder pads were trying to achieve.


B) The snap buttons! These buttons make getting dressed super easy!


Speaking of buttons, this unique plaid pattern allows you to wear the top buttoned or unbuttoned due to the slight curves in the vertical lines. When you have it buttoned, it gives your figure the look of a slim slightly longer torso. When its unbuttoned, the curves in the lines gives the fabric the illusion it’s still hugging your figure.

This top is one of my favorites. It’d be very difficult to let this one go!

ima moon


Lucky Brand Striped Henley: Original VS Re-release

imma line

It has come to my attention that people have been very curious about the differences between the original and re-release of the Lucky Brand striped henley as of late. For those unaware of the top, it is the long sleeve shirt Bella wears while being confronted by Jacob at the end of New Moon.


So I did a bit of asking around and found a couple of girls who have re-releases and originals. Here is what we came up with!


On the left is the rerelease, on the right is the original.

The original henley is much more defined with its contrast of colors in the stripes.


The materials are in fact the same, but the re-release is actually a bit THINNER than the original.


In return, the original has a bit more stretch!

Where the re-release was made in China, the original was made in the Philippines.


Everyone involved with getting the henley re-released worked really hard and did such a wonderful job, unfortunately a lot of times it is required if a company re-releases something they modify the look of the product slightly, just to keep track of what year it was released. Over all, very subtle and small differences! The re-release is just as wonderful and definitely works as a great Bella Swan item to stick in your closet!

Thanks to Ilka and Eternally for submitting photos!

imma line

How To Ebay For Less!

ima moon

We all have that dream Bella Swan piece… you know, the one that you set your eyes on from the beginning telling yourself one day you will buy it? The one that is super hard to find…The one that finally pops up on ebay for 300 + when you have no money to spend at all…..

There is a simple solution to this problem.

I will start off by saying nothing, no matter how rare it is, is worth putting yourself in debt. Buying a Twilight Betsy Johnson top for $550.00 is fine… if you have the cash for it. For the most of us that do not have a spare $600.00, resort to this method I like to call “Patience and Control” a costume collectors two closest friends.

P&C are like the friends you have that know you inside and out. They are the friends that give you advise you never actually listen to, and then regret it later. Now is a good time to start listening to them!

In all my years of being a Bella Swan ebay shopper, the number one thing I have learned was to only spend money when I have it. Credit cards are a very tempting thing, which is why I don’t have them hooked up to my account. For the most part, my ebay shopping is very spread out and scattered. Waiting for the right piece at the right price is definitely a difficult thing, but that’s where the patience comes in.

I know what your thinking. I’m crazy for insinuating Bella’s rare pieces will ever be cheap enough to buy with pocket change… but yeah… that’s exactly what I’m getting at. Someone somewhere is always selling something Bella related, whether they know it or not, and no matter how old the item is. Clothing from the first Twilight film is STILL showing up on ebay new with tags. That in its self should give all you avid ebayers out there some hope that whatever it is you are looking for will always show itself in the future.

As for the pricing, try searching your item with various descriptions. Do not put “Bella Swan” in the search. Eventually, you will find the piece you are looking for, whether it takes weeks or months.

I can honestly say this really does work. I was able to get an American Rag thermal for about $18.00

Twilight Hoodie 3

and a Susina Jacket for $20.00!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with either of these tops, both go for $1000.00 + on ebay.

So all you need to do, is sit back chill out, and wait it out. It will pay off in the end!!

Keep Calm And Ebay On! 

ima moon

“Stephenie Meyer DAY”

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and post about the event that started it all. If you frequent this blog, then the Stephenie Meyer Day events are no stranger to you. For those of you unfamiliar with it, This 3.5 day festival takes place in Forks, Washington, and commemorates the author, and celebrates everything twilight. From tours to vendors to twilight events, this celebration is held throughout the whole town, and definitely gives you your twilight fix!


The reason I hold this festival so dear to my heart is because I along with many others participate in the Stephenie Meyer Day Cast. That’s right! Stephenie Meyer Day has its own cast that participates in events and takes photos with the guests!  This year the Stephenie Meyer Day cast has many of the characters you are familiar with, and they are very eager to meet each and every one of you, but I wont spoil the surprise just yet!

are some photos of us at some of the events!poster signingwedding celebration





(Tanner Ochel Photography)

Stephenie Meyer day is such a fun weekend for a family with all ages!

To check out more info about the events we will be working at, and events we will be holding for 2013, check out our Facebook page and our website!

Say Thank You!

I cannot begin to explain how much the Twilight films have impacted my life, and if you know a little bit about my work in the Twilight world, you understand where I’m coming from! I can still remember the first time I saw Twilight. My hair was hardly touching my shoulders, and I thought wearing a maroon hoodie with a white pair of knitted gloves could pass for the van crash scene…

Now I sit in front of my laptop, the same laptop I started blogging with those couple of years ago, reminiscing about my Twilight movie experiences, and how they got me where I am today. I have a huge extended Twilight family that ranges across the world.  I have traveled many places and got to work with some amazing actors and actresses. I got to BE Bella Swan.

My favorite Twilight Saga moment (and probably most memorable) is when I went to see New Moon (for the 3rd time) with my mother and sister in-law. I was super excited to show them the movie because they hadn’t seen it yet, my sister in-law newly curious about Twilight. The theater was generally quiet, and we enjoyed the movie. Just at the end, when Edward proposed to Bella and the screen went to black, a very large man shot up from his seat right behind us and yelled “Oh hell no!” at the screen and walked out disappointed Bella couldn’t fit in a response. I would have to say that moment made the movie even better.

Seeing as how the newest and final movie to the Twilight Saga is upon us, I thought it a fun idea to write our most memorable Twilight saga films moments, and post them in celebration, a way to thank everyone involved for bringing something so wonderful to life, and impacting our lives as much or as little as it has!

Starting now, I will be accepting emails with your name, where you are from, and your story! I will post them here on the blog, and if we get enough stories, perhaps we can share them with Summit themselves! I will accept emails up and through the 23rd of November!

Please send your story! We’d love to hear it, and we’d all love to let Summit know how thankful we are!

EMAIL TO: Twifashion@gmail.com

A Boyfriend’s (Husband’s) Guide To Twilight Presents

Alright you significant others! Listen up! Thanksgiving is almost here which mean Black friday and Christmas are just around the corner! I’m one of those people who thinks it is blasphemy to show any type of Christmas pride before thanksgiving – but in this case, i will let it slide – you guys need all of the help and pre-planning you can get – am I right? 😀

SO! Welcome to Project Twilight Christmas Present Boot Camp!

For the next few pages and a half i will beat into your heads some great Twilight christmas gift ideas!

(Disclaimer : If your significant other hates the present you gave them IBC is not held responsible – you should make sure you know what type of taste they have! :p PAY ATTENTION! )

The disclaimer brings us to some simple pointers and tips 🙂

  • As far as not knowing what they like, a great thing to do is bring them to the mall to walk around – maybe grab dinner or something – as you walk through the shops, see what catches their eye! – They may even drop some hints!
  • For the people who never drop hints, pay attention to what they are wearing as far as jewelry and clothes.
  • I know this MAY sound painful, but watch the Twilight movies with them – yes, that’s right, WATCH THEM. DO NOT bring your kindle or e reader and read a star-wars book while the movie is going, DO NOT text your buddies from college, and DO NOT take an Eclipse long bathroom break!
  • While watching the movies, see if the point certain things out like “I LOVE her bracelet” or “I want that top!” – If the conversation only results in “SSSHHHH” or “I want her boyfriend” …… RETREAT! RETREAT! – Just kidding – sit it out and you probably get good brownie points 🙂 – but if it is necessary, you should bring up certain things like ” her Birthday dress is really pretty, don’t you think so”


Gentlemen! Etsy will be your best friend! -Etsy is a website where artisans go and sell things that they had handcrafted themselves!


just about any jewelry your other half wants could be found there 🙂 – but make sure to check the list before going to etsy – you may want to get the real deal and the list MAY have the info on where to get it!

  • Bella’s Turquoise Bracelet

There is no report (to my knowledge) of the designer who made the original bracelet – the truth is, this specific design has been around for such a long time and is actually a very common design shared between jewelers.

If you want to go as authentic as possible with sterling silver and real turquoise, i suggest Rhett Lewis – of course you can find him on etsy – he usually puts these bracelets out – if he does not have any on etsy when you check, create an account and message him, he may make you one to order – The bracelet is usually sold for  $74.00 and is made to fit so make sure to get the exact measurement of the wrist it will be worn on – Rhett Lewis also resizes for free, so if you find a cuff and it is not the correct size, you can still purchase the bracelet and in area where it says message to seller, make sure you type that you would like it resized and give the size. The price is worth it – the quality is amazing. I own a Rhett Lewis Bella Cuff, and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Here is the picture of it, with the link to Rhett Lewis’s Shop. Remember, if you don’t see the cuff, you can always send a message!!!!

Rhett Lewis Etsy Page

if you are planning on going a little more costume jewelry, you can alway buy the Costume replica put out by NECA

Costume Cuff

Please note that this cuff is cheaper in price – and for good reason – it is very clunky, not the correct size, and everything is obviously not real. Although this is true, it is still a good second 🙂

  • Bella’s Moonstone Ring

Like the Cuff, there is no known jeweler who made the original.

Etsy Moonstone Ring

There are also many other designs for the moonstone ring on etsy – this link was the closet to the design I could find – it is also the one that i have – it is beautiful.

Again, if you want something a little cheaper, you can go for the costume jewelry

Costume Moonstone Ring

if there are non left in this link, good luck! you may be better off buying the real thing – the prop replica ring sells for pretty much the same amount now – it used to be $20. – again, it is large and clunky – it also only comes in a size 8. It has a pink hue when Bella’s is white.

  • Bella’s St Jude and Prayer Bracelet

It is an unsaid Twilight rule – these two must go together! – its like PB&J, Butter on toast, Master Chief and Cortana……………

anyway –

I prefer the NECA St Jude Bracelet for one

ST Jude Bracelet

You can visit etsy to find the prayer bracelet, or kill two birds with one stone and buy this

Both Bracelets

The reason why I give you this one is because it was featured by the Twilight Costume Collections – Which will be on the list a little further down 🙂

They also have the best looking prayer bracelet I have seen. The only thing i do not care for is the St Jude Bracelet – it is hard to tell whether or not it is actually black, or brown because of the color change in the movie – i prefer black because that’s what it looks like in the movie, and their bracelet is a brown color. Either way, they both serve the purpose, and very well

If you plan on buying all three – Cuff, Ring and St Jude Bracelet, the costume jewelry NECA puts out has a joint collection set

Jewelry Collection Set

just don’t forget that the prayer bracelet is not included!

  • Bella’s  Graduation Bracelet

Surprisingly enough, the NECA Replica of this one it spot on and worth it 🙂

NECA Bracelet


If you buy the NECA bracelet, take the heart off of the bracelet – you heard me – it is secure with a clasp so it will be easy to take off. present the bracelet (without the heart) have them put the bracelet on, and then pull the heart out of your pocket like a surprise. Clip the heart onto the bracelet. (If you want to know why, watch Eclipse) I’m serious….it will blow them away.

If you would like to go a little bit more fancy with Swarovsky crystal and sterling silver, you can – very beautiful (the chain is a little bit thicker than the one in the movie – but don’t let that stop you if you want to do fancy – they will love it either way!)

Fancy Bracelet

  • Bella’s Engagement Ring

Ok don’t freak out – just because you get them this ring doesn’t mean they think you are asking them to mary you.

NECA again puts out a great replica – again – you cannot customize the ring – i believe this one to be a size 8 as well

NECA Engagement Ring


These are Stephenie Meyer designed and approved! – there are a couple of different qualities you can choose from including real diamonds – it is a little bit different from the one in the movie – but if the Author of the books approved it, why not!? – they also have gold as well ( I have the gold one – beautiful!)

Now Onto some outfits!

Like I had mentioned before, The Twilight costume collection is an awesome place to start. The owner of this “collection” is a designer who replicate the clothes. He started his own website selling them.


Cosplaysky is amazing because they make the clothes to fit the specific person – custom designing 🙂 – you gotta get the correct measurements – here is the chart – make sure to get all the measurememnts because you MUST fill them out in the empty box on the website when you go to purchase

you will see some of  the cosplayky stufft pop up with some of the clothes I will feature on this list

First off, most important clothing item if you will :

  • Bella’s Headband

Bella’s Headband

  • Bella’s Birthday Dress

The Hot Topic one is the best one you will find. Unfortunately hot topic does not sell them any more. you can find them on ebay

  • Bella’s Green hooded jacket (New Moon)

Again, Best is the hot topic jacket!

Hunter Green Jacket

  • BB Dakota Jacket

As long as you type in “Bella’s BB Dakota jacket, these are very easy to find

Bella’s BB Dakota Jacket

  • Bella’s Rubbish Jacket

To get the amazingness of this very unique jacket (you cannot get the original anywhere!), definitely go to

Cosplaysky – Rubbish jacket

It is worth the money! – even though it says “costume” it is a real jacket and can be used as such – again, i have this item – one of my favorite jackets.

  • Bella’s Mittens

(see above picture)

Etsy Bella Mittens

  • Bella’s Billabong Hannah Jacket

You can only find these on ebay as of right now – but they aren’t too hard to find

Hannah Jacket Ebay

  • Bella’s American Eagle Bomber Jacket

Cosplaysky Bomber jacket

yet another amazing jacket!

  • Bella’s Rain Coat (New Moon)

Cosplaysky Jacket

  • Bella Swan Twill Jacket

Bella’s Cosplay Sky Twill Jacket

  • Bella’s “Italy” shirt

Bella’s Cosplay Sky Italy Shirt

Some fun nic-nacs:

  • Bella’s dream catcher


Bella’s Mini Paper Shredder/ Pencil Sharpener

Bella’s Picture Holder

Bella’s Micro Throw blanket on her bed

Bella’s Bed Set

Bella’s Dragon Fly Lights

There is much more I could post, but trust me, you would be here all day! If you have questions about any others not listed here, or just questions in general, feel free to email me at Twifashion@gmail.com – seriously….email me…i will probably make your shopping A LOT easier if you are unsure of anything. :p

Good luck shopping!!!!! 😀

(for any Alice fans, please visit our sister website Go Ask Alice Cullen

Disney World’s Got NOTHING On Forks!

When I get an idea in my head, it is very difficult for me to let it go. These ideas are usually crazy, something I would never act upon in an every day setting. I drive my poor mother crazy. She’s not so much of a worry wart as she is just being a mom. When I told her I wanted to go to Forks and pose as Bella Swan for Dazzled by Twilight, she instantly knew it was one of “those” ideas. Her mom instincts kicked in and told it was impossible for me to go.

Of course, this made me want to go even more. I hate it when things are deemed impossible because it is something that is out of the ordinary.

Backing up a bit, this whole idea started when I was watching “Twilight In Forks” on Easter, 2010. For those of you who have not seen this amazing documentary, I highly recommend it. You get to meet the people of Forks and hear their side of the story, along with learning a lot about the actual town.

While watching the documentary, they interviews this adorable girl who was clearly dressed as Alice Cullen. She had explained that she took a trip to Forks, and on the last day, she asked if anyone needed and Alice. They took her in and she worked in Lapelle’s Flower shop as Alice Cullen. She was originally from Ohio. She went on a trip to Forks, and stayed there to cosplay as her job.

The idea of mine hadn’t quite set in right away (I believe at that point I was actually distracted by the ice cream truck that had driven down my street – I have never ran so fast….)

A couple of days later on a very rainy very boring day, reminiscing about the next cosplay convention, the idea popped into my head. I have always wanted to go to a convention and cosplay as Bella Swan. The only problem is regular conventions would bring out the noose  (probably some over drive moves, along with some spells – for all of you gamers out there) if they saw anyone cosplaying Twilight. I could always go to a Twilight convention, but then I remembered the Alice from Ohio. At this point I wanted to go big or stay home…and I was not staying home.

For about a week I let this idea work the gears in my head. I popped the DVD back on and watched “Twilight in Forks” up to the point where they had mentioned Dazzled by Twilight. I got my laptop out and googled Dazzled by Twilight. I found the site and looked for the best way to contact the lady everyone had mentioned, Annette.

I’m not going to lie. It took me about an hour to actually come up with an email I was satisfied with. It probably took me longer to work up the courage to press “Send”. Here is the exact email I had sent Mrs. Annette Root.

Hi! My name is Christilynn Botti, and I’m writing to you from Connecticut!

I’m a huge twilight fan so it probably comes to no surprise that I watched “Twilight in Forks”. I absolutely loved it. I have always wanted to travel to Forks to experience the beauty I’ve only dreamt about and watching all of the great interviews and seeing some of the actual footage from Forks has convinced me to go 🙂

I am graduating from college this semester with a degree in fine art, and what other way is there to celebrate other than visit the place my all time favorite book/ movie/ anything took place in.

I’m also a Twiblogger, blogging about all of Bella’s fashion in the Twilight films, and cosplaying as Bella herself 🙂

I noticed in the documentary, a girl on vacation asked if Dazzled By Twilight needed an Alice Cullen.

I was wondering if you would need a Bella Swan in the near future?

I would be so honored to pose as Bella Swan. Having that experience would be impossible to put into words, and blogging about it would be amazing! ( I also have most of her clothes because of my blog! 🙂 )

Here is a picture of me posing as Bella in Volterra (I’m not actually in Volterra….) And another with a truck that had a similar look to Bella’s

Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to hearing from you!
If I did not send this email to the correct place, if you wouldn’t mind letting me know where to send it? Thank you again!

At that point I wasn’t quite sure who was going to receive the email. I finally pressed send, like ripping off a band aid.

The next morning I checked me email. Part of me wasn’t really expecting to hear anything so soon, but the familiar email address had appeared in my inbox. It turns out, I had sent the email to right place. (I’m not going to post the email Annette had sent to me, because I would like to respect her privacy) Annette had written back to me explaining how although she had people that come into town to pose as characters from Twilight, she would love to have me for my trip there.

I think at that point I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day – I cannot even tell you what I did that day because I’m pretty sure I was not mentally there…I hope I didn’t drive anywhere…

Starting that day, I began to save for the trip. There were two problems i ran into right away.

1) I was laid off from my job and only earned $30 a week cleaning a condo.

2) How the HECK was I supposed to get there!?

I ended up going to yahoo answers and asked how I could get to Forks, Washington from Connecticut. Thank goodness for that person who had helped me. Before they had helped me my whole trip was going to cost about $5,000

That was a lot of money I literally did not have.

I planned to go to Forks around July. It was the end of April. I had a lot of saving to do.

Around May I had saved money, but not nearly enough to show up on Seth the apple meter. I needed $2,000. at that point I think I only had $300. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Not at the pace I was going.My friend had told me about how people place donation buttons on their blogs for certain things, and to keep it going. I was a little shaky about it at first, but then she talked me into it. Less than 24 hours after I posted it, I had around $130 donated!

I tried to think of more ways I could earn money. At one point I was lounging in my room and Oprah was on my TV (I never watch that show i have no idea why it was on…) With all of the cars she gives her audience and all of the dream vacations she gives out I thought Oprah should fund my trip! of course it was a silly though, but that though lead me to think why should she do that when she could be helping other people who really need money.

That thought had given me another thought. I have been wanting to donate  to a charity since then. If i could raise money to go on a trip, I’m pretty sure I could raise money for charity! I need to research, but when I am familiar with the process, I think it would be awesome if this blog and its viewers contributed to some sort of fund for a cause 🙂

Both Annette and I had kept touch over the months, and all of you guys had kept me strong about making the trip. I had gotten a lot of negative feedback as well, but again, it only made me work harder.

I was finally able to find a job, and within two or three weeks of working, I had reached my goal amount!

My mother had talked me into going for Stephenie Meyer Day in September. Way to go mom! great idea! 🙂

I made the reservations for the hotel and car and pretty much two weeks later, I was off!

I started my trip by waking up at 2:30 AM. I had gone to bed at 12:00 AM because i had been up all night working on something for work. I knew this was going to be a long trip, but I was going to Forks!

I boarded my plane in Hartford CT, and landed in Detroit to take another flight to Seattle. On the Seattle flight, I sat next to lady. She asked me where I was going and I said “I’m going to Forks” I kept it hush because iI assume all the people on that plane would have though I was crazy, but her face lit up and she said she was going there as well. There was a silence after that and I finally asked “are you going for Stephenie Meyer Day?”  When she said yes, we talked for pretty much the rest of the 4 hour plane ride. I had learned her name was Heather, and she was a Twilight Mom! Twilight Moms are the best! i got so excited 🙂 She was there with three other Twilight Moms! Sonya, Michele, and Jackie! They were all super nice! (Sonya if you are reading this, I just have to say I i think you look very similar to Stephenie Meyer and you should have entered the lookalike contest! :p )

I had explained to Heather that i was heading to Forks to pose as Bella for Dazzled by Twilight for a couple of days or so. She texted on of the other moms she was sitting next to Bella. It made me laugh when she got a sarcastic reply back saying “yeah and I’m sitting next to Rob.”

So being the super nice moms that these gorgeous ladies are, they invited me to dinner at Bella Italia in Port Angeles that day after we all got there and settled in. I got the phone numbers and headed off to get my car and head to Forks.

The ride to Forks was breathtaking. I obviously couldn’t really take any pictures while driving, but it was amazing. I drove through the Olympic National Rainforest heading from Port Angeles to Forks. At this point I was a little loopy from no sleep. It was about a 3 and a half hour drive from seattle to Forks, including a ferry ride. It was really funny because I when I drove to the ferry, I called Sonya to make sure I was going the right way (this had been her third time back I believe, so she was a pro) I entered the ferry without paying by accident! I found a guard and told them I still needed to pay. The lady laughed and said it is very difficult for someone to get on the ferry without paying so me just driving on with my car was funny.

I finally paid and took the ferry across to the Olympic peninsula.

About two seconds away from Forks I saw a sign for the La Push reservation. I was so excited.

The first thing I saw driving into Forks was the sign! It was like a beacon of light! (again… I had 2 hours of sleep and had been traveling for 13 hours….)

You better believe I pulled over and took the picture!

I finally got to my hotel (about…2 minutes from the sign) I was so delusional at that point when they had me fill out the papers for check in, one of the questions asked me the make of my car and I wrote “Red Car” I have the receipt to prove it!

I was bummed. There was NO way I was driving an hour back to Port Angeles to grab dinner at Bella Italia with the ladies. I had decline the offer. I headed to the Dazzled by Twilight store real quick to see if I could find Annette. Unfortunately I had just missed her. She had headed out to participate in a function at her children’s school.

This gave me a chance to look around the store. It was very big! They had a Team Jacob side and a Team Edward side (I supposed that was created to prevent much controversy in the store!). There was even an adult section in the back with funny adult humor t-shirts. It was great!

Every piece of Twilight merchandise you can ever think of was there. IT WAS TWILIGHT HEAVEN!

I actually got a chance to meet the lady who is in charge of ordering clothing for the store. I met her daughter first when I went up to her and told her i loved her jacket – she was wearing the Hannah Jacket – the original one :). She explained to me that her mother was in charge of ordering things like some of Bella’s jackets and Alice’s jackets.

Her mother was very nice and seemed very interested in the blog when I had mentioned it to her 🙂

After getting many compliments on my style  (The DBT team is SO nice!) I headed off to grab something to eat, and then headed to bed! Finally!

The next day I awoke to drizzle and the sound of logger trucks driving by. I got ready, and headed back down to the store. Annette was there and finally got to meet her in person! She was so happy to see me and gave me a hug! She sent me out on the tour bus where I got to meet Travis the tour guide – he was one of the people interviewed on the documentary. He was hilarious and very entertaining. We visited all of the sites like the Cullen House and the Swan residence as well as the Treaty Line and Carlisle parking spot! (I do have pictures, of all of these, just not from the tour – my camera memory ran out  that day so i had to go back and take them on my own time)

We got to stop off at the chamber of commerce, where i got to meet the lady and the gentleman that were interviewed as well. they were very nice and had an adorable dog! I was so distracted, when i got back to the bus everyone had been waiting for me! oops! (i didn’t leave before sticking a push-pin in the map of where I am from… at least… I guessed – the map was so covered with push pins it was hard to see what was what!)

Lunch was included with the tour  at a little diner on the edge of the Treaty Line. I ate there with some new friends i had met on the bus, and as we ate we answered trivia questions. I answered one right and got to collect a prize!…though I forgot to grab it on my way out :/ oops again. I was too distracted with all the Twilight!

While driving through all of the locations, Travis played certain songs for certain places. A lot of these songs were twilight songs and were perfectly placed, but some where very funny random songs. We passes the abandon Forks movie theater (it burnt down about two days ago 😦 ) and he played the Ghost Buster’s theme!

Travis also played a lot of the Mitch Hansen Band music. He even played a song that is NOT on their CD.

The tour was awesome and very entertaining. We even learned a bit of Quillayute!

When I got off the bus, jet lag was kicking my butt. I was going to head back to my hotel room and take it easy until that night – Bella’s Birthday Ball!

… I never made it back to rest that night.

I was standing on the corner or the sidewalk, waiting to cross the street when I heard someone calling “Bella!!!!!!!! ”

I turned around to see one of the DBT employees (later learning her name i Janelle s- she’s so cute!) literally running out of the store chasing after me (She didn’t have to run that far I was only 5 feet from the store).

She caught up to me and asked me if I was busy. When I told her not really I followed her back into the store. She introduced me to a crazy Canadian who wants to be known to this blog as C-Can….

C-Can is the manager of The Lodge. The Lodge is an awesome restaurant/bar/night club owned by Dazzled by Twilight. Most places close around 4-6 pm on a normal day in Forks, and Annette wanted to keep something opened longer for all of the Twilight fans to hang out. The atmosphere is lovely and the food is AMAZING! Big portions! Also, if you shop at Dazzled by Twilight before you head to the lodge, they give you a 10% off coupon 🙂 The Lodge was where the Birthday Ball was being held that night, upstairs in the “Twilight Lounge”

So at this point I’m walking around Forks with C-Can – we were supposed to be looking for a disco ball….but he gave me a tour of the town on his break instead. He brought me into a store called Native to Twilight. There was a man there who hand carves very nice pieces.

C-Can also brought me passed a place called the Surf Shop – I never actually went in there (it was closed) but it seemed cute. He said they had good clothes there.

On our way to The Lodge, he explained how the wolf pack was waiting back there for him. I was clueless. “wolf pack?”

He told me they had a wolf pack, and I was going to meet them.

We walked in through the door and before i could even get my bearings and look around someone jumped down a flight of stairs and landed swiftly on their feet about 4 inches from me. I turned around, caught off guard to see what the heck was going on….and naturally… I saw a shirtless Quillayute boy with a very familiar tattoo on his right arm. Judging by his attitude I knew in an instant that this was Seth.

The three of use walked to the back of the restaurant where the rest of the wolf pack was. C-can introduced me as “Bells”

And I officially met Seth (Sebastian), Paul (Joel) and Quill (Ricky). We set up decorations and even got to sign an autograph for a little girl all the way from Norway with her dad!

We all ate dinner together before the ball.

(Can I just point out that Sebastian is flexing for the picture hahaha)

And boy did they eat like the wolf pack!

Afterward I went to get ready very quickly, and came back for the ball – of course, dressed in Bella’s Birthday dress with band-aid on finger and medical bandage on arm 🙂

The ball was a lot of fun – we took a lot of pictures together, and the wolf pack was hilarious on the dance floor – on purpose of course. I even got to share a slow dance with Seth.

The Ball is also where I first met James.

I also got to meet the official Forks Twilight Cast Bella lookalike and Alice  lookalike. They were both super awesome about me being there. (Thanks guys!)

There was also an Edward Lookalike – he looked very much like Robert Pattinson, though he worked for his own company here you could walk in and take pictures with him. He has his own website: My Name Is Not Edward

(I loooove the stuff she used to make herself sparkle – it was awesome and when she wasn’t in direct light it didn’t look like she was wearing anything – awesome 🙂 )

After getting out of the Ball I headed over to the 76 gas station with the pack and a couple of new friends to hang out (it was around 12 am by that time – the only other place opened). It was actually very amusing to watch all the people go in and out of the stop. Oooh the people you meet.

The next day I headed over to La Push for about an hour just to take a couple of quick pictures before I went to find people over at Dazzled by Twilight. none of them came out great but that’s okay because I took more later!

I ended up meeting up with James in front of Dazzled by Twilight. He and a Jacob lookalike where working this booth where you can send a letter written by your favorite Twilight character to anyone you want. It was pretty cool and now that I think of it I wish I had participated instead of sending post cards…oh well.

It ended up being “Take a picture with James, Jacob, Bella and the wolf pack! here are some of the photos I was able to take with my camera – If anyone reading this was there and happens to have any, please send them in! 😀

(Ignore my mid blinking my eyes and the awful camera angle to give me more than one chin :p – had to post this though! )

This little girl walked over to our booth and asked for a picture with everyone – afterward I HAD to get a picture as Victoria, Bella, and James! She was awesome! She even won the lookalike contest!!!

The Forks Alice dropped by for a sec – loooove her contacts! She didn’t stay long unfortunately – the wolf pack was near by and it started to smell…

This needs no explanationI really just enjoy the very happy man standing in the corner watching the picture being taken…He was a very pleasant man :p

Mid picture I was starting to think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

Later on that day we headed over to the Lookalike Contest!

When James, Jacob and I had arrived, they had just finished taking a giant group photo of everyone who was attending Stephenie Meyer day. We watched on the side lines, and when the picture was finished everyone turned around and saw us.

Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney World couldn’t have gotten as mobbed as we did at that moment – it – was – awesome!

I have been finding random photos of us from that moment over face book! – if anyone has some pictures, feel free to send them!

So we all participated in the lookalike contest. It was a lot of fun! Sam had one Jacob category when he flexed his biceps …seriously the “hello biceps” quote was an understatement for him.

James one because he’s James

I didn’t win the Bella category, but the girl who did was great 🙂 She was actually from another country! That must have been really awesome for her!

Everyone that won got to grab a little prize

When James went to go get his, things turned out a little differently:

They forgot to burn the pieces so he’s okay.

That night was the Mitch Hansen Band concert in the Twilight Lounge. It was awesome! I had a lot of fun with a lot of new found friends! 🙂

The next day they were in the store playing some acoustic stuff!

Earlier that day I headed down to First Beach, La Push, and caught some people surfing the waves.

This was taken from the sidewalk along the road – Cliff diving anyone?

These next pictures are part of the hike over to Second Beach. Its a little bit of a hike through the rain forest 🙂The trees there really are fuzzy!!!

Later on back at the store I did my MASSIVE amounts of shopping. I’m not going to lie… my bill was well over 300$

After that I met back up with the C-Can and we went to Rialto Beach.

Rialto Beach is a beach a couple of streets away from La Push.

Words cannot describe how beautiful it was to see pine trees lead into a beach. The mist was just as beautifulBig tree 🙂 It was explained to me that during storms, the waves will literally pull the trees right out of the ground. It takes about 10 years for them to get brushed back up onto the shore.It ended up pouring outside and we were about a mile away from the car – THAT was a fun walk back.

We made it back to the lodge for food – I was STARVING!

We ended up meeting up with the Twilight moms while we were there and we all had dinner together. I ordered a Green Chili Burger – it is the most amazing burger you will ever eat! Delicious and warm and comforting after getting caught in the rain on the beach.

We all sat there and talked about our adventures so far. We were actually there for quite some time. After saying out goodbye, was headed our separate ways and I went to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow would be Port Angeles!

I woke up the next morning and headed down to a couple of shop in town, and met up with they Quillayute lady from the documentary! – I didn’t even know it was her until i got home!

I never caught her name, but she told me an amazing Quillayute story about the K-nine!

After the story, I bought one of her paintings that represented the story. It’s an amazing Quillayute style painting of a dog. The lady explained to me the reason why they paint the way they do is because her grandfather told her they did not want to think too highly of themselves to paint something to make it look real, so they paint it to make it not look real. Its amazing 🙂

after that I headed out to Port Angeles, or as everyone likes to call it, P.A.

To get to PA you drive through the Olympic Peninsula rain forest – I stopped off to take a couple of pictures.

I arrived in Port Angeles around 2:00 and met up with James and his roommates. I found it funny that they were James, Jamie, and Jamie…. I wonder now if all of their names are actually James…

We walked over to Walgreen where one of the Jamies bought me an amazing Arizona ice tea.. i have no idea what it was but it was DELICIOUS! – i think it may have been watermelon?

We headed into townNear the water the city was starting to get engulfed in mist – it was really pretty 🙂

Me and James at Bella Italia. The Mushroom Ravioli was really good!

There were a lot of snow-capped mountains – if you look veeery carefully you can see the snow at the top – This set of mountains were pretty far away so i had to super zoom – it got very blurry but thought it would still be cool.

After Bella Italia, we all decided to catch the Resident Evil flick playing at the movie theater. I’m a pretty big zombie fan, so I was all for it even though the only resident evil movie I had seen was the first one. It was a pretty cool movie (though it was more like a long trailer for the next one) and I had a lot of fun.

By the time I got back to Forks, I was exhausted and headed right to bed. The next morning I woke up and headed down to the lodge where i met the Twilight and C-Can for breakfast.

After breakfast we went outside and took silly pictures by Bella’s truck (the one from the book, not the movie)

After Breakfast we headed off to Third Beach, La Push!

Twilight 🙂

Fog is setting in

C-Can Cameo!

And thanks to blackberry, we were able to play the Twilight Score while walking through the woods.
Vampire hunting! – they say they hide in the trees….


After Third beach we headed over to a restaurant in La Push for some hot chocolate – it was amazingly good – then we hit up First Beach.This tree washed up on shore during a storm. When the tide isn’t coming in, you can actually climb inside at the routs! people make bon fires in there 🙂

After the beach, we headed over to the Forks Diner where Bella and her dad eat in the book – we ordered garden burgers of course!

After that, we decided to drive around and get all the pictures of all of the book related spots. at that point, the time of day was TWILIGHT 🙂

Forks High School – While I was there, they were doing some construction on the school – they were beginning to collect bricks – they sell them!

The Cullen House – if you look in the window, you can see the graduation caps in the big frame 🙂Twilight …actually twilight. we also got a little lost looking for Bella’s house

Swan Residence – the top front windows are Bella’s 🙂 – they even decorated her room to look like it 🙂 After taking pictures we headed back to The Lodge for food and drinks with good company.

The next morning a packed everything in my car, and embarked that 4 hour ride back to the airport.

I finally arrived home at 12:00 am. Luckily after not eating all day my mother and I stopped off at a 24 hour diner about 10 minutes away from where I live, and where i recapped my whole trip to her.

The trip was incredible. I knew it would be amazing, but I never thought it would be THAT awesome. Thank you all so much for contributing to my trip! And thanks to everyone who helped me on the trip. You all rock and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Another BIG THANKS to Annette and the Dazzled By Twilight Gang! You have made my dream come true! Words cannot describe how grateful I am!! You are all amazing!


If you want to see more pictures from my trip, head to the face book page, I will be posting them shortly, and as you can see,

Disney World Has Nothing On Forks!