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Bella Swan’s BD2 ‘Black’ Jacket with Gold Buttons

After being in complete shock from the final installment of the Twilight Saga, it was time to get down to business and find some Breaking Dawn part 2 wardrobe! I had noticed Bella in specific had so many jackets this film, no doubt thanks to Alice Cullen . One jacket in specific people had been trying to spot prior to the release of the film was a black jacket with golden studded buttons seen here:

My good friend Vee, creator and moderator of IBC’s sister blog, Go Ask Alice Cullen, had traveled here to the US to visit and see the movie with me! of course she wanted to hit up all the malls in the area (what Alice cosplayer wouldn’t?). We walked by H&M, J. Crew, and just about any other store you could think of that has had clothes featured in the saga. We had nearly walked passed Banana Republic when she decided she wanted t go in. I followed, spacing out, knowing anything I saw would be out of my price range for the month, and then locked my eyes on a jacket on the end of a sale rack….. This jacket –

This jacket is the Banana Republic Belted Pocket coat. It retailing in the store for $130.00, I was able to get it for $60.00 on the clearance rack, and the SKU number is 416134-00-1

Vee and I were able to match up all the seams and buttons to those on Bella’s coat, even the buckles on the collar. The only thing I’m still a bit stumped about is the color.

The color of this jacket is technically a navy blue though it could pass as a dark charcoal. the collar on the inside is made of a corduroy which would explain the contrast of the two “blacks” on Bella’s jacket, the actual coat looking black and the collar looking an even darker black. On this coat, it is a maroon color.

A couple of different theories I have:

– this is the jacket, just shot in a dark lighting

– this is the jacket but they dyed the collar black because the maroon was too distracting and eye-catching for the scene (They have altered clothing in the past)

– the navy jacket with the maroon collar this years jacket, and Kristen Stewart’s jacket was actually last years jacket. I was told, last year they had this jacket in black, this year they did not. I tried finding picture of it i black, but unfortunately I could not find the exact jacket in black. I did however find black jackets made by Banana Republic similar to the make of this one, but instead of the gold buttons, they were silver. I wonder if last years buttons were silver on this coat as well.

Although the colors are questionable, I believe this is the same make and brand as the jacket Bella is wearing in Breaking Dawn part two. I will however, keep an opened mind to anyone who thinks they have spotted the jacket with another brand!

Let me know what you all think!


Bella wears the 2010 version in ‘Oiled Cotton” 


Dress for Breaking Dawn Part 2!

It takes a lot of guts to walk into a public area swarming with twilight fans, dressed as Bella Swan. Not only will you catch people pointing and talking about you, but they will be judging you on your outfit. It’s a good thing we have some guide lines here to go off of! 






Splendid Tab Sleeve Striped Henley



Keds Champion Canvas Sneakers




7 for All Mankind the Skinny Second Skin Jeggings






Vince Scrunched Ankle Leggings 



T by Alexander Wang Fitted Tee Dress





Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer Jacket



Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants



LD Tuttle the Weave Leather Double Layer Combat Boot


be sure to throw in Bella’s engagement ring, her wedding band, and her Cullen Crest cuff, all found at Hot Topic! 

Though most of these items an only be found on ebay, finding alternatives to the clothing shouldn’t be too hard this time around! Just remember, no matter what your wearing, wear it with all the confidence a vampire has! 

Day of the Midnight Showing!


Is everyone excited!? I BET!

Throughout the day Im going to be posting for you guys so those of you board with nothing else to do waiting in anticipation can keep your mind a little bt busy with this 🙂 

Unfortunately I am unable to post video clips today like i had originally planned – limited access to a web cam during the day is the key factor 😦 

HOWEVER! I Will be posting pictures via txt messaging to twitter! So if your not following “Twilightgarb”, go find it! I’m going to be uploading random pics through out my insanely busy day to show you guys exactly what im doing and how im getting ready for the show tonight! 

I’d also love to know what you guys are doing! 🙂 what are you all wearing!? 🙂 

And I PROMISE I will upload a crazy video of tonight onto IBC tomorrow so those of you who were unable to make and are waiting impatiently to see later on can be apart of it to! 🙂 

As of right now it looks like im wearing Bella’s dress –

Make Sure You All Vote! 🙂

Make sure you all vote the poll in the side bar!! 

ALSO! If you guys have any questions for me as far as your wardrobe for tonight, let me know! I’ll be overly happy to help! 🙂

I’ll be back in a couple of hours to post again!



Hello!!!! Updating quickly! –

i jut got out of class and Im on my way home to pick up all the jewelry and a curling iron @_@

9 more hours!!!!!!!!!!

Quick update! :D

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you all a fun quick update for today!

I officially have one mitten done! 😀 I took a quick picture on my phone before I left…and realized….my phone picture skills stink!! ..so i apologize for getting more of the background in it than the actual mitten….dont worry, when I get back, Ill give you guys a better pic! but here it is! 😀 

oopsum..yeah…sorry you can’t see the detail…lol

anyway! i was walking around kohl’s today with my grandfather when i came across a pretty cool jacket that slightly resembles Bella’s hoodie/jacket in New Moon when she’s riding on the bike with Jacob

1110091738Sorry, my computer wont let me flip the pic! 😦


The jacket at Kohl’s is way more of a jacket than the jacket Bella wears in this scene. Hers is more of a hoodie.

enjoy! 😀



New Moon Clip

Hey guys! It’s been a hectic week with midterms and projects so i havent had much time for posting :/ i do however want to leave you with this movie clip from New Moon! 😀