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Rare Items: 2) The American Rag Thermal

ima moon

Now I know I have blogged about this item before, but seeing as how it still is fairly rare, why not add it to the list! The American Rag Thermal has been sought after by many a Twilight clothing collector since the Twilight film released in theaters. Bella Swan was seen wearing this thermal when she introduces Edward Cullen to Charlie, and wore it under her jacket throughout the baseball scene.


I’m going to be completely and 100% honest. This top has gone for over $1,000.00 on eBay. Keeping that in mind while I tried this on for the first time lead to nothing but disappointment. Let me elaborate.

Way back when Twilight first came out and I started the blog, I (obviously) did a lot of research on Bella’s clothes, the brands etc. The one top I would always see come across on forums or in conversation was this infamous green top with adorable looking “print”. I’m not quite sure why this top in particular became a “thing” where everyone had to have one, but the American Rag popped up more on people’s wanted lists than her BB Dakota jacket (before it was rereleased). Naturally this intrigued me. As years passed by the American Rag grew in demand, but the amount available dwindled. About two and a half years ago the top reached its all time high. It was a once in a billion chance for this thermal to pop up on eBay and when it did, it sold for an amount too painful to admit.

Jumping ahead to when I tried this thermal on for the first time.

The term thermal in my opinion is used loosely. The “print” on the fabric is actually shear. You definitely need to wear a tank top underneath otherwise you’ll be getting a breeze and someone will be getting a show!wpid-storageemulated0PicturesIbc-Blogging-photos2013-12-30-09.18.17-1.jpg.jpg
The actual feel for the fabric is delightfully soft and the pouch in the front breaks up what would be a plain-looking shirt with a pattern.


The hood is probably my favorite part. It balances out the pouch in the front and gives your profile a slimming effect.

Over all, I love this thermal. I am incredibly thankful to my friend for gifting it to me (she found it for $20.00!) and I consider  myself incredibly lucky! That being said… in a world where I had not received this as a gift…  this girl’s wallet is a bit too small to love it for $1,000.00!


ima moon


Lucky Brand Striped Henley: Original VS Re-release

imma line

It has come to my attention that people have been very curious about the differences between the original and re-release of the Lucky Brand striped henley as of late. For those unaware of the top, it is the long sleeve shirt Bella wears while being confronted by Jacob at the end of New Moon.


So I did a bit of asking around and found a couple of girls who have re-releases and originals. Here is what we came up with!


On the left is the rerelease, on the right is the original.

The original henley is much more defined with its contrast of colors in the stripes.


The materials are in fact the same, but the re-release is actually a bit THINNER than the original.


In return, the original has a bit more stretch!

Where the re-release was made in China, the original was made in the Philippines.


Everyone involved with getting the henley re-released worked really hard and did such a wonderful job, unfortunately a lot of times it is required if a company re-releases something they modify the look of the product slightly, just to keep track of what year it was released. Over all, very subtle and small differences! The re-release is just as wonderful and definitely works as a great Bella Swan item to stick in your closet!

Thanks to Ilka and Eternally for submitting photos!

imma line

“Stephenie Meyer DAY”

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and post about the event that started it all. If you frequent this blog, then the Stephenie Meyer Day events are no stranger to you. For those of you unfamiliar with it, This 3.5 day festival takes place in Forks, Washington, and commemorates the author, and celebrates everything twilight. From tours to vendors to twilight events, this celebration is held throughout the whole town, and definitely gives you your twilight fix!


The reason I hold this festival so dear to my heart is because I along with many others participate in the Stephenie Meyer Day Cast. That’s right! Stephenie Meyer Day has its own cast that participates in events and takes photos with the guests!  This year the Stephenie Meyer Day cast has many of the characters you are familiar with, and they are very eager to meet each and every one of you, but I wont spoil the surprise just yet!

are some photos of us at some of the events!poster signingwedding celebration





(Tanner Ochel Photography)

Stephenie Meyer day is such a fun weekend for a family with all ages!

To check out more info about the events we will be working at, and events we will be holding for 2013, check out our Facebook page and our website!

The Belstaff Jacket – Revisited and Revised

As everyone is gearing up for the movie release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, us Twilight fashion fanatics are grasping on to the very few movie stills that are slowly opening new gateways to highly anticipated clothing possibilities. It is true, that with the Breaking Dawn movies, costume designer Michael Wilkinson has NOT disappointed us. From the dainty and elegant wedding dress designed by Carolina Herrera, to the very “classic American summer’ style honey moon clothing, the cast was certainly dressed to impress.

One high end brand that seems to reoccur   in both Breaking Dawn movies is Belstaff.

In Breaking Dawn Part 1 we see Bella Swan clad in a Belstaff New Greenford Blouson Lady Jacket, paired with the (James Perse) Contrast Panel Shirt, 7 for all Man Kind jeggings, and Van Wellesley Hiker Skate shoes. Jacob Black was also seen wearing Belstaff.

As twilight conventions began evolving with Breaking Dawn material, photos began to flood the internet, one in particular that got the twifashion world buzzing. .

Yet Another Belstaff jacket is spotted for Bella Swan.

This was discovered to be the Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer jacket. It had never appeared in Breaking Dawn Part 1 and most had already anticipated it for vampire action in Breaking Dawn Part 2. In the official Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster of Bella Cullen, She is finally spotted wearing the jacket! (The image in the poster is actually flipped. the fold of the breast piece is on the wrong side). The jacket itself had been sold in the colors Silver, and Black. The Silver color is actually still available to purchase HERE.

HOLD UP! You certainly do not want to jump the gun on this one. In the poster, the jacket looks undeniably black, but in the photos from conventions, it leans more toward the silver color. So the question is, which is it!? Black, or Silver? The answer: none of the above. Of course it would be too good to be true to purchase the screen accurate jacket. This Belstaff masterpiece was made specifically for the film. The color of the jacket is actually a pewter color with a distressed look, paired with copper hardware.


So, in theory, you can splurge over $1000.00 to get the silver jacket… or you can wait for Cosplaysky.com to produce a most likely VERY screen accurate replica of the Double Breasted Blazer for a cost much more wallet friendly. There have been rumors cosplaysky will have this jacket, but it had not been confirmed. I think ill take my chances and cross my fingers for cosplaysky!

Is your wallet ready for Breaking Dawn?

A bathing suit? No problem! Banana Republic sweater? Sure, why not! A Belstaff New Greenford Blouson Lady Jacket?… PARDON!?

It’s blatantly obvious that with the anticipated wedding of the century, it wouldn’t be friendly to our bank account as we take into consideration the top secret wedding dress Mrs. soon to be Cullen wears to meet Edward down the isle to finally say “I Do”. Though it was announced Alfred Angelo will be re-creating Bella’s dress in time for the premiere, it’s not expected to come cheap!

In this scene alone, Bella Swan is spotted wearing the Belstaff Jacket,  7 For All Mankind Skinny Second Skin Jeggings, Vans – Wellesly Hiker Skate Shoes, Manolo Blahnik shoes, with custome design and beading believed to be by Carolina Herrera, The James Perse Contrast Panel Shirt, and a beautiful dainty new four leaf clover ring.

taking certain things into consideration, like the custom design shoes, This single outfit comes out to around $2,000.00!

Before you take a second mortgage out to further your Breaking Dawn wardrobe collection, you should know you CAN rest a bit easier. Our very lovely and reliable NECA has already released prop jewelry, that can be found at your local Hot Topic store, or at Hottopic.com (I know i’d be horrified to learn how much the real necklace Aro gifts to Bella really costs!)

If you hurry, you can get 50% off your second item of purchase!

For more information about this outfit, please visit coolspotters.com!

Happy Twilighting!


Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Bathing suits

With all of these photos being released it shouldn’t come as any surprise at all that most of the clothes are already identified 🙂

All thanks goes to the coolspotters people, and everyone participating  on the facebook fan page  🙂 thank you everyone!

This is the Susan Monaco U Ring Bikini Set – i have not found a place to purchase this bathing suit, so if anyone has come across it, please let us know! 🙂

This is the Banana Republic Double Trim v-neck sweater in DARK TEAL– I’m not gonna lie – I just bought one….. (a little pricey but it looks beautiful)

Nanner Pubs! 🙂

I love this top – I think its beautiful. This is the ASOS mix & Match Moulded Bikini Top – when I first saw this top I thought it was going to be super expensive – boy was I pleasantly surprised! 🙂

Mix & Match




Here is a whole bunch of photos taken of Edward and Bella! – rumored to be on set and filming!


The dress?

PLEASE NOTE! – Our Alice has spoken to Summit and they claim the dress Kristen Stewart is wearing is a “One of a kind vintage dress”  as of right now we know nothing is the original! (Thank you Alice!)


(website thanks to Candace 🙂 )



(website thanks to Ally)

Thanks to our very own Alice! (who saw that one coming…oh wait..she did… :p )

My guess is that the dress whas a “Honey Moon” dress Alice packed for Bella.