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New Moon Clothes – photo shoot

All these pictures are from the photo shoot I had with my friend Nicole! She’s and awesome photographer and has an amazing blog about the most delicious Vegan food she makes herself  check it out!


All these photos are outfits or outfits that resemble the clothes in certain scenes of the movie 🙂 Enjoy 😀

La Push - "You kill people"


(I thought it would be funny to photohop Jake in there….)

I Have no specific links for this particular picture – The hoodie i am wearing is a basic brown hoodie, where Bella wears a brown jacket – I’m on the hunt for the jacket and look-alikes! 🙂

I’m also wearing Bella’s mittens – I will provide the link after the next picture 🙂 

Bella's Mittens


Bella's Mittens


 The link to the post that has the information on how to make them – 


Jake's house


Minus the boots (I don’t think she ever wore them to his house)



At Jakes House…ironcly enough..the place where i took this photo was called Indian Well 

Bella’s Corduroy Jacket


underneath the jacket i was also wearing :

This Shirt is the look alike shirt i purchased from Kohls

it resembles the shirt Bella wears in the movie theater scene – for more info on the official top, visit this link :


Dead Meadow


Dead Meadow


The scene where Bella meets Laurent again – 

I bought the grey sweater (Bella’s was a hoodie – mine is not) from Kohl’s – they do not have it on there website so I cannot provide you with that link

I bought the flannel shirt from Target – they do not have a link as well…but they have so many flannel shirts it shouldn’t be hard to find..and since they have a variety, you can pick out the one you like most 🙂

I can however, provide you with the links of the jewelry I’m wearing in the pictures!

Bella’s St. Jude bracelet-


Bella’s Turquoise Bracelet – 


Bella’s Engagement ring (she obviously didnt wear this in the movie, but i thought it would be nice to wear it any way)

This Ring is the only Bella’s Engagement Ring APPROVED BY STEPHANIE MEYER – my boyfriend bought it for me for our 3 year anniversary and it is gorgeous and elegant 

This is the only true link i found to the ring – the place where my boyfriend bought my ring no longer makes them – Mine was also not this expensive – thy may however increased the price because it is retired – if anyone can find a website with better prices, please let me know and I will post them ASAP!


Hope you enjoyed the post!

If you have any questions, let me know! 🙂

Have an amazing day!!!! 😀

Bella’s Turquoise Bracelet

Just a little tidbit for today! I stumbled across something most twilighters will greatly appreciate! 

turquoise bracelet

Heres the link to get it!


Just bought mine! I read some of the comments – 

NOTE! Before you buy the bracelet, i suggest you read the comments on it. 🙂

Normally i would give you some information on the Original Twilight Turquoise Bella’s Bracelet.

unfortunately i cannot for the life of me remember the man’s name, who created the beautiful piece of jewelry. I do know it was a 2007 collection, and it was purchased in Arizona where it was mined – again..i cannot remember the type of turquoise as well. I do apologize and will update this post when i find this missing info!

for now, enjoy the bracelet!!!! 😀