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An Incredible Opportunity

Ok…. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it… I’m afraid it’s going to disappear so I’ve kept quiet for as long as I could… I’m going to be brave and finally state what I have been more or less keeping to myself for a little while…. You ready?

I have been given the opportunity to travel to Forks, Washington, to pose as Bella Swan for the Dazzled by Twilight official tour company.

I sent an email to the lady in charge along with some of the pictures I took for the blog. She immediately responded back saying how delighted she would be to have me there. She also told me that there are people who come into town every now and then who pose as Edward, Jacob, Alice, and another Bella! how awesome would that be to meet them!

If everything works out, I plan on taking the trip beginning to mid July, and I’d promise to blog about it every single day I’m there, including cool pictures!

The Catch :/

It will cost me …a horrifying amount of money to go – mostly because of traveling fair…. I pretty much live on the exact opposite side of the country, so getting there and living expenses for the two weeks would be quite expensive. If anyone knows a great way to get to Forks, WA from CT let me know!

So I’m pretty much working, and doing a whole bunch of things for people for money, and I’m opening an etsy account! I could pretty much use all the help I can get!

I may actually post a donation button from paypal on the sidebar soon, for anyone who wishes to donate. It is obviously optional, and it would be however much you would like 🙂 Every little bit counts, and the donations would be greatly appreciated!

I’m also going to start another page on this blog, blogging about my journey trying to get to Forks, to keep everyone updated 🙂

I hope and pray that I’ll be able to write to you guy from Forks this summer. I would love to share all of the cool and beautiful photos – who knows, maybe I can meet some of you guys there! ;P


yay! Fun news!

I have had a couple of hectic weeks!…this will be another one! It’s like a nonstop cycle!  i appoligize for lack of posting, but i will deffinately post soon…because i have awesome news!

First, There has been a couple of additions to the “Whats in your closet” page…go check it out!! the pictures are awesome! 😀

Second, I’m going to be attending Anime Boston! I will be clumsily walking around with a couple of my friends who attend BU, dressed as who else but Bella. I’ll be sporting off (finally!) my Bella mittens which will be finished very soon!:) For anyone in the area, come find me at Anime Boston! I’ll be there friday and saturday and I’d love to meet you 😀 !

Thats all for now, but ill post back ASAP 😀

Enjoy your week! 😀