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Betsey Johnson Replica – Alice’s Closet

Had Bella Swan never felt the white-hot scalding burn from Cam’s James The Tracker, the Twilight fandom would never know the collective thirst for one of Betsey Johnson’s most notable creations. Existing on screen for a mere second, the embroidered  peasant top is a dainty and elegant design in the series’ very vintage and mesmerizing wardrobe. Known for its rarity, replicas are available for the masses at Alice’s Closet in – you guessed it – Forks, Washington.

Laced in gorgeous arrangements of floral embroidered patterns along the bust and shoulders, and a simple but beautiful hemmed pattern along the scooped neck, the silk crepe piece is a one-of-a-kind in both the creative and literal sense. With a European ruffle along the waist and arms,it’s a vintage and beautiful minimalistic design is a must have in any closet. Breezy and loose, the piece is designed to delicately hang off the shoulders, and cling to the waist, complimenting the female figure. Wearing a  simple camisole underneath  in either vibrant or earthy tones can easily compliment the floral embroidery that adorn this timeless piece.





John Henson of the Twilight Costume Collection and costume designer for The Hillywood Show  has commented on the replica in an interview. “As one of my favorite and most elusive of all of Bella Swan’s costumes, this accurate replica of her Betsey Johnson Embroidered peasant Top is truly a work of wearable art. The delicate cream – colored crepe silk is fairly sheer the embroidery and blanket stitching is impeccable and the colors are 110% spot on. The cut, scoop neckline, puff sleeves and smock ruffles at the cuff and hem make this top unique to Bella, as it brings about her fairy – tale air of mystery, forbidden love, and romance. About 3 things I am positive. First, Edward is a vampire. Second, Jacob is a werewolf. And third, you will unconditionally and irrevocably fall in love with the Betsey Johnson Embroidered Peasant Top reproduction! Mine is proudly displayed in the Twilight Costume Collection.”


To dress the Twilight community means to satisfy expectations of millions around the world. The costume designer has excelled with such exceptional perfection, that even a second – long scene that could have used a throw-away top, used something elegant and simple, captivating the fans as an unforgettable piece. The Betsey Johnson embroidered top is definitely a prized piece to have in the closet. The best part about it? It lasts for more than one second!

Edited by Daniel Salemme – The Whirl Cure

3 responses

  1. Jen welchet

    I’m looking for the white sweater that Bella wore in breaking dawn 1. She wore it on way home from honeymoon , before boarding their private jet. Please let me know I will order at least a dozen.

    December 17, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    • Bells

      Thats the honey and Hive sweater! it can only be found on ebay, but I’ve seen a couple up there 🙂

      March 11, 2013 at 6:30 pm

  2. Hollie

    I was wondering the what brand/designer created the blue dress Bella wears at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1? Can’t find it anywhere! Please let me know!

    January 21, 2015 at 4:59 am

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