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Screen Accurate vs Replica vs Alternative vs Inspired – An Ebay Lister’s Guide

There are many different ways you can acquire Bella Swan’s (Cullen’s) clothing and incorporate into your every day wardrobe. weather it be just a piece of inspired jewelry, or full 100% screen accurate clothing right down to the shoe laces. It seems as of late people are getting a bit confused as how to label clothing items, and it seems to lead even more people into fits of rage… that may be a bit of a stretch.

Let me start off with a simple basic listing chart:

1) Screen Accurate

2) Replica

3) Alternative (AKA alt)

4) Inspired

I’ve ranked these starting with number one as most official to least. (I suppose 0 would be the exact clothing on Kristen Stewart’s body)

Screen Accurate as basically self explanatory. It is the exact brand, color and detail. (You have to be careful with re-releases, sometimes the company changes a couple of details that can knock it down 2 points to an alt!) It is the best ‘quality’ Bella clothing you can get.

Replica is a great second best. Chances are you wont be spending as much money, and it has just about every detail and color down as close as possible! (A lot of the times the replicase don’t have the exact same fabric used on the original which can also alter the color difference) you can find a lot of great replicas on Etsy or Cosplay sky.

An Alternative is close to a replica but just not quite there. Chances are the color is off, or the pattern is a bit different but has the same color scheme, but over all the body of the item is correct. simply put, its a piece of clothing that passes as something specific Bella has worn, but when you look at the details, its obvious its not exact.

Inspired is what seems to get the most people confused. Inspired would be an item the has a very familiar Bella feel to it, but nothing about it that matches up with a specific item (Save maybe color or the fact its a hoodie etc.) Many people have labeled inspired clothing as Alts. Where there can be a fine line between both at some point, use your noggins, people!

I’ve listed these in hopes people will get a better understanding on how to search for items using these key words, how to label items properly, and hopefully to end some confusion that has been spreading around the Bella Swan clothing community! I hope this helps!

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