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A Boyfriend’s (Husband’s) Guide To Twilight Presents

Alright you significant others! Listen up! Thanksgiving is almost here which mean Black friday and Christmas are just around the corner! I’m one of those people who thinks it is blasphemy to show any type of Christmas pride before thanksgiving – but in this case, i will let it slide – you guys need all of the help and pre-planning you can get – am I right? 😀

SO! Welcome to Project Twilight Christmas Present Boot Camp!

For the next few pages and a half i will beat into your heads some great Twilight christmas gift ideas!

(Disclaimer : If your significant other hates the present you gave them IBC is not held responsible – you should make sure you know what type of taste they have! :p PAY ATTENTION! )

The disclaimer brings us to some simple pointers and tips 🙂

  • As far as not knowing what they like, a great thing to do is bring them to the mall to walk around – maybe grab dinner or something – as you walk through the shops, see what catches their eye! – They may even drop some hints!
  • For the people who never drop hints, pay attention to what they are wearing as far as jewelry and clothes.
  • I know this MAY sound painful, but watch the Twilight movies with them – yes, that’s right, WATCH THEM. DO NOT bring your kindle or e reader and read a star-wars book while the movie is going, DO NOT text your buddies from college, and DO NOT take an Eclipse long bathroom break!
  • While watching the movies, see if the point certain things out like “I LOVE her bracelet” or “I want that top!” – If the conversation only results in “SSSHHHH” or “I want her boyfriend” …… RETREAT! RETREAT! – Just kidding – sit it out and you probably get good brownie points 🙂 – but if it is necessary, you should bring up certain things like ” her Birthday dress is really pretty, don’t you think so”


Gentlemen! Etsy will be your best friend! -Etsy is a website where artisans go and sell things that they had handcrafted themselves!


just about any jewelry your other half wants could be found there 🙂 – but make sure to check the list before going to etsy – you may want to get the real deal and the list MAY have the info on where to get it!

  • Bella’s Turquoise Bracelet

There is no report (to my knowledge) of the designer who made the original bracelet – the truth is, this specific design has been around for such a long time and is actually a very common design shared between jewelers.

If you want to go as authentic as possible with sterling silver and real turquoise, i suggest Rhett Lewis – of course you can find him on etsy – he usually puts these bracelets out – if he does not have any on etsy when you check, create an account and message him, he may make you one to order – The bracelet is usually sold for  $74.00 and is made to fit so make sure to get the exact measurement of the wrist it will be worn on – Rhett Lewis also resizes for free, so if you find a cuff and it is not the correct size, you can still purchase the bracelet and in area where it says message to seller, make sure you type that you would like it resized and give the size. The price is worth it – the quality is amazing. I own a Rhett Lewis Bella Cuff, and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Here is the picture of it, with the link to Rhett Lewis’s Shop. Remember, if you don’t see the cuff, you can always send a message!!!!

Rhett Lewis Etsy Page

if you are planning on going a little more costume jewelry, you can alway buy the Costume replica put out by NECA

Costume Cuff

Please note that this cuff is cheaper in price – and for good reason – it is very clunky, not the correct size, and everything is obviously not real. Although this is true, it is still a good second 🙂

  • Bella’s Moonstone Ring

Like the Cuff, there is no known jeweler who made the original.

Etsy Moonstone Ring

There are also many other designs for the moonstone ring on etsy – this link was the closet to the design I could find – it is also the one that i have – it is beautiful.

Again, if you want something a little cheaper, you can go for the costume jewelry

Costume Moonstone Ring

if there are non left in this link, good luck! you may be better off buying the real thing – the prop replica ring sells for pretty much the same amount now – it used to be $20. – again, it is large and clunky – it also only comes in a size 8. It has a pink hue when Bella’s is white.

  • Bella’s St Jude and Prayer Bracelet

It is an unsaid Twilight rule – these two must go together! – its like PB&J, Butter on toast, Master Chief and Cortana……………

anyway –

I prefer the NECA St Jude Bracelet for one

ST Jude Bracelet

You can visit etsy to find the prayer bracelet, or kill two birds with one stone and buy this

Both Bracelets

The reason why I give you this one is because it was featured by the Twilight Costume Collections – Which will be on the list a little further down 🙂

They also have the best looking prayer bracelet I have seen. The only thing i do not care for is the St Jude Bracelet – it is hard to tell whether or not it is actually black, or brown because of the color change in the movie – i prefer black because that’s what it looks like in the movie, and their bracelet is a brown color. Either way, they both serve the purpose, and very well

If you plan on buying all three – Cuff, Ring and St Jude Bracelet, the costume jewelry NECA puts out has a joint collection set

Jewelry Collection Set

just don’t forget that the prayer bracelet is not included!

  • Bella’s  Graduation Bracelet

Surprisingly enough, the NECA Replica of this one it spot on and worth it 🙂

NECA Bracelet


If you buy the NECA bracelet, take the heart off of the bracelet – you heard me – it is secure with a clasp so it will be easy to take off. present the bracelet (without the heart) have them put the bracelet on, and then pull the heart out of your pocket like a surprise. Clip the heart onto the bracelet. (If you want to know why, watch Eclipse) I’m serious….it will blow them away.

If you would like to go a little bit more fancy with Swarovsky crystal and sterling silver, you can – very beautiful (the chain is a little bit thicker than the one in the movie – but don’t let that stop you if you want to do fancy – they will love it either way!)

Fancy Bracelet

  • Bella’s Engagement Ring

Ok don’t freak out – just because you get them this ring doesn’t mean they think you are asking them to mary you.

NECA again puts out a great replica – again – you cannot customize the ring – i believe this one to be a size 8 as well

NECA Engagement Ring


These are Stephenie Meyer designed and approved! – there are a couple of different qualities you can choose from including real diamonds – it is a little bit different from the one in the movie – but if the Author of the books approved it, why not!? – they also have gold as well ( I have the gold one – beautiful!)

Now Onto some outfits!

Like I had mentioned before, The Twilight costume collection is an awesome place to start. The owner of this “collection” is a designer who replicate the clothes. He started his own website selling them.


Cosplaysky is amazing because they make the clothes to fit the specific person – custom designing 🙂 – you gotta get the correct measurements – here is the chart – make sure to get all the measurememnts because you MUST fill them out in the empty box on the website when you go to purchase

you will see some of  the cosplayky stufft pop up with some of the clothes I will feature on this list

First off, most important clothing item if you will :

  • Bella’s Headband

Bella’s Headband

  • Bella’s Birthday Dress

The Hot Topic one is the best one you will find. Unfortunately hot topic does not sell them any more. you can find them on ebay

  • Bella’s Green hooded jacket (New Moon)

Again, Best is the hot topic jacket!

Hunter Green Jacket

  • BB Dakota Jacket

As long as you type in “Bella’s BB Dakota jacket, these are very easy to find

Bella’s BB Dakota Jacket

  • Bella’s Rubbish Jacket

To get the amazingness of this very unique jacket (you cannot get the original anywhere!), definitely go to

Cosplaysky – Rubbish jacket

It is worth the money! – even though it says “costume” it is a real jacket and can be used as such – again, i have this item – one of my favorite jackets.

  • Bella’s Mittens

(see above picture)

Etsy Bella Mittens

  • Bella’s Billabong Hannah Jacket

You can only find these on ebay as of right now – but they aren’t too hard to find

Hannah Jacket Ebay

  • Bella’s American Eagle Bomber Jacket

Cosplaysky Bomber jacket

yet another amazing jacket!

  • Bella’s Rain Coat (New Moon)

Cosplaysky Jacket

  • Bella Swan Twill Jacket

Bella’s Cosplay Sky Twill Jacket

  • Bella’s “Italy” shirt

Bella’s Cosplay Sky Italy Shirt

Some fun nic-nacs:

  • Bella’s dream catcher


Bella’s Mini Paper Shredder/ Pencil Sharpener

Bella’s Picture Holder

Bella’s Micro Throw blanket on her bed

Bella’s Bed Set

Bella’s Dragon Fly Lights

There is much more I could post, but trust me, you would be here all day! If you have questions about any others not listed here, or just questions in general, feel free to email me at Twifashion@gmail.com – seriously….email me…i will probably make your shopping A LOT easier if you are unsure of anything. :p

Good luck shopping!!!!! 😀

(for any Alice fans, please visit our sister website Go Ask Alice Cullen


12 responses

  1. this is awesome 😀 i so need to do one for alice!

    November 11, 2010 at 10:35 am

    • Bells

      LOL *like* – that way i can know what to get you hahaha

      November 11, 2010 at 6:15 pm

  2. :DI got this email today from coolspotters ,from the same girls that got the gypsy thermal re released! “I’m writing to you today as a fellow fan of the Bella Swan page, as well as the clothes worn by her in the Twilight movies. As you may have seen on the Bella page recently, nearly two years after the release of Twilight, the elusive green henley worn by Bella in the “Meet the Cullens” and “Treetop” scenes was found on eBay and identified as an Energie top. Since the discovery of that first top, it has been virtually impossible to find, despite countless hours of searching on eBay by the Twilight fans. In fact, the only other one found sold recently for the exceptional price of over $250USD on eBay. We have recently identified the company behind the Energie brand and have contacted them about re-releasing this beloved top. But, we’ll need all the help we can get to convince them to reissue the henley. There are several ways you can help: 1) Email hooverkd1@gmail.com to be added to the list we’ll present to the company to prove there is adequate interest in this top to warrant re-releasing it. Please put Energie Henley Re-release in the subject line of your email and include your name, city & state (if US) or city & country (outside US). We really need to show the company that this shirt has worldwide appeal. 2) Join the Facebook group that has been set up for the re-release of the Energie Henley to make your interest in the top known. And get all your friends and family to join the page. The FB page can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_166851040002520 3) Spread the word: flood as many Twilight and Bella fan sites, forums and blogs as you can with the information We need all the help we can get and yours is much appreciated!!! Looking forward to seeing you on the FB page and on the Bella page. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! “

    November 12, 2010 at 6:23 pm

  3. Love this post. Now to find a boyfriend to buy me this stuff 😉

    November 12, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    • Bells

      lol it can also be used for anyone else getting you a present for the holidays – or any special occasion 🙂

      November 12, 2010 at 6:27 pm

  4. Bella Chase

    http://www.gothicalchemist.com/servlet/the-315/BELLA'S-BRACELET–CRYSTAL/Detail this is the Bella bracelet I have. I found it on eBay in 2008 after reading Eclipse. I love it so much and I get a ton of compliments on it when I wear it.

    November 26, 2010 at 5:14 am

    • Bells

      Thats beautiful! 🙂

      November 26, 2010 at 10:49 am

  5. Kimberly

    Hey!! I was picking up some stuff my mom forgot for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (butter…who the heck forgets BUTTER on Thanksgiving??) and the only store open was CVS…guess what I found???

    The Sarah Payton candle set for 9.99!!!! They have a few, so I grabbed one…if anyone else wants one, let me know, and I’ll grab another!


    November 26, 2010 at 10:10 am

    • Bells

      That’s AWESOME!!!!! If you haven’t posted that on the FB page, definitely do it! I’ sure ALOT of people would take you up on that offer! 🙂 yay for helping fellow twilight fans! ❤

      November 26, 2010 at 10:48 am

    • Bella Chase

      Yes please! That would be so cool.

      November 27, 2010 at 4:36 am

  6. Caroline

    I need help for the BB Dakota… I don’t my size and I’m confused…
    I’m 5’6 115 lbs usually small or xs is my size for tops… the only thing is I’m 34C in bras… What size should I get ? A large is offered to me, but I’m afraid it will be too big. The XS was too small of course. HELP !!!!!!!

    January 7, 2012 at 1:48 am

    • Bells

      hmm Id go with a medium – the jacket isn’t flexible…but if the Large was offered, try it and see if you like it 🙂 if not, sell it 🙂 – thee are hardly any selling now so you shouldn’t have a hard time getting money for it 🙂

      January 10, 2012 at 12:06 pm

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