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Bella’s Headband Contest Winner

Congratulations to Angelie Aguilar!

She had answered the question correctly, and was chosen out of the drawing!

great job to everyone who participated in the contest, you all answered it correctly! For those of you wondering what the answer was, here it is :

In the Twilight Series, at one point Bella has to REALLY convince Charlie she isn’t going to sneak out of the house at night. What does Bella do (While Edward is patiently waiting in her room) to subtly  let Charlie know she wasn’t going to do that?


Bella takes a shower and says good night to Charlie showing him she’s in her pajamas and has a wet head. She also slams a couple of doors in there some where

Basically, the key words i was looking for was that she took a shower, or she left her hair wet, and pajamas – if you had a combination of those, you were good 🙂 but like i said, everyone who entered answered it correct 🙂

Coming Soon

Win Bella’s Mittens! (unofficial)

Thanks again to everyone who participated! And Keep checking back here for the next contest details!


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