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Bella’s Headband Contest Giveaway!

Who want’s Bella’s headband, cuz I have an extra one!!! My boyfriend attends school out in Ohio where the Kroger still supplies Bella’s headbands, so he picked me up and extra one so I could have a contest giveaway on my blog! (I ❤ my Edward)


All you have to do is email me with the correct answer the question below at Twifashion@gmail.com

All the submitters with the correct answer will be placed in a drawing for the headband!

This contest starts now and goes until sunday 6:00 PM (East Coast Time) After that, I will announce the winner! 🙂

(And send them an email and collect their mailing address 🙂 )


In the Twilight Series, at one point Bella has to REALLY convince Charlie she isn’t going to sneak out of the house at night. What does Bella do (While Edward is patiently waiting in her room) to subtly  let Charlie know she wasn’t going to do that?

Good luck everyone!!!

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