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Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!

April 9th was Kristen Stewart’s birthday! In celebration, I give you fun pictures and alternative Twilight clothing! 😀

The cool thing about living in Connecticut is that Yale is a common area to hang and walk around. It is such a beautiful place – blocks and blocks of beautiful masonry not to mention all of the gothic gates and towers. If you walked through the spread out campus you swear you were in Hogwarts. This time, i was in Volterra 🙂

Check out the green shirt I found for $20 in Target!!! I can’t seem to find the link for the specific color, but the shirt is the Converse One Star Woman’s 3/4 Sleeve Sport Shirt!

I just really like this little nook we found 😀

Story behind this next one – I’m such a creeper! lol

I was driving to my house one day and noticed a very familiar red truck sitting in someone’s driveway 😀 The other day I went up to the house with Nicole and asked if we could take pictures 😀 Both the husband and wife were thrilled. The truck had been Mike’s (The husband’s) grandfather’s truck. He told me he even had a picture of when he bought it brand new so long ago! Mike told me he had learned to drive in the truck and pretty much grew up in it. I was so happy to hear it meant so much to him 🙂 So Mike, Thank you so much for the pictures!!!! 🙂

The truck isn’t exactly the same, but it’s very similar, and with a history like that, I’m honored to put it on the blog 😀

The Nordstrom Rubbish Jacket that is portrayed in these pictures is not the original jacket, but was designed to look exactly like it. i bought it at Cosplaysky.com. This jacket is truly amazing! here is the link!


The headband is the Goody Stay Put headband. You can find them in Kroger, or on ebay! 🙂

The mitten I knitted my self 🙂 If you are interested in making the mittens, please visit this post!


If you do not know how to knit and you are interested in possibly purchasing a pair, I will actually be making and selling pairs of these mittens – Keeping checking back, I will post a picture link on the sidebar that will lead you to my page where  will be selling them 🙂

Another super cool thanks to Nicole for the amazing photography! To check out her delicious and beautiful Vegan/photography blog, click the link!


Alrighty, that’s it for now, I will update real soon with some more super awesome stuff! 😀 Enjoy the rest of your day!

(yes i know, i wear two different color shoe laces :p)


2 responses

  1. J

    What size jacket did you order from cosplaysky? From the pictures on their website they look quite large but from your photos it looks more fitted which is what I’m after….

    January 25, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    • Bells

      they actually ask you for your specific measurements and they make it to fit you! 🙂 🙂

      January 25, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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