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Merry Christmas, here’s your big present!

I woke up today and looked out my window realizing my world was covered in over 2 feet of snow! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m very excited to say we may just have a white christmas! 🙂 (now to figure out how to get my christmas tree…… maybe i should have done that before the storm…)

So! feeling in the Christmas mood, I thought I’d share a little family  Christmas tradition with you all.

My family and I usually open our presents on Christmas morning (from Santa – I’m 21..my brother is 25…my sister is 18 …my mother still thinks we believe in santa…oh well it’s still cute ^^) after were done, we exchange presents with each other. My mother usually gets us a couple of little nick nack gifts, and after were all set, we usually get one big gift each. thats usually the moment we all wait for 😀

considering it’s so close to christmas, i thought I’d treat you all to a big gift! 😀

So, you thought that they retired a lot of Bella’s clothes, and you cannot get them anywhere else.

Well, you thought wrong! (sort of ^^)

Ladies and gentlemen! (well..probably not so much gentlemen but maybe some! 😀 )

I present to you!

The ultimate cosplay website!

now before we all jump the gun and click a link, I want to describe to you exactly what this website is.

This is a cosplay website that makes a whole bunch of different outfits for different shows, movies, etc.

you will find they have a collection of Twilight outfits there (not just Bella’s clothes!)

you can find Bella’s Rubbish jacket (I actually bought it – its amazing and i get compliments on it all the time – even people who have no idea what jacket it is…they just love the style – I’m going to post pictures up of the clothes i purchased from there so you guys can see how it all fits incase your still a little iffy about the site)  

you can also find Bella’s prom dress, Her brown jacket from New Moon – her super huge yellow jacket she wears it has a lot (it also has Edward’s clothes, Jane’s clothes etc)! I wont go into any more detail, you guys have to check it out for yourself! 

Here are some pics! 

What’s Great about this website is that they show you different angles of the clothes. they even give you close up shots so you can see the look of the material.

NOTE!!!!!! –

These clothes are not the original clothes – they are designed and custom-made to fit your size. They are not the actual brand name!

A little background about the site

the clothes and made and shipped from China.

the designer is not from china, but travels all around the world on tour with twilight conventions, showing all of his designs. 

It really is an amazing website (even if the english is a little bit off – like i said…china hehe)

You may have to try getting onto the website a couple of times…somtimes the website is overloaded with visitor and it wont work. not to worry! if it doesn’t work the first time, just try it again and there shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

finally! Heres the link just in time for christmas!

PS – any men out there….this is what you want to get your twilight obsessed girlfriend for christmas ^.~ just a hint.

let me know what you all think of the website, I’d love to hear if you decide to order anything in the near future! 😀 

Merry Christmas! 😀

2 responses

  1. I like the jacket and I like your blog format too. I’m serious.

    December 21, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    • Christilynn

      thanks 🙂

      December 22, 2009 at 12:25 am

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