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Bella’s Mittens – almost finished! :)

Hey guys! We’re still waiting for the pictures, I apologize for the wait – 

I do have a couple of pictures, but I don’t want to post the pictures until I have all of them.

I will however, show you one of the pictures, while we are waiting 🙂 

Bella's Mitten!


I finally got the mittens finished!..well…okay…i have 1 mitten finished 😛 but it’s awesome and i cannot wait to get the other one done! 🙂 

(For those who cannot tell, I folded the mitten over – this is how Bella wears it with her jackets – when they are knitted, the actually mitten reaches close to the elbow! and they are so warm! 🙂 ) 

so if you know how to knit and are interested in the mittens visit this blog post – it has all the information! 🙂 


I think the rest of the pictures will be up tonight! So check back! 🙂


Heres the link to the Photoshoot Post! 😀



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