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Day of the Midnight Showing!


Is everyone excited!? I BET!

Throughout the day Im going to be posting for you guys so those of you board with nothing else to do waiting in anticipation can keep your mind a little bt busy with this 🙂 

Unfortunately I am unable to post video clips today like i had originally planned – limited access to a web cam during the day is the key factor 😦 

HOWEVER! I Will be posting pictures via txt messaging to twitter! So if your not following “Twilightgarb”, go find it! I’m going to be uploading random pics through out my insanely busy day to show you guys exactly what im doing and how im getting ready for the show tonight! 

I’d also love to know what you guys are doing! 🙂 what are you all wearing!? 🙂 

And I PROMISE I will upload a crazy video of tonight onto IBC tomorrow so those of you who were unable to make and are waiting impatiently to see later on can be apart of it to! 🙂 

As of right now it looks like im wearing Bella’s dress –

Make Sure You All Vote! 🙂

Make sure you all vote the poll in the side bar!! 

ALSO! If you guys have any questions for me as far as your wardrobe for tonight, let me know! I’ll be overly happy to help! 🙂

I’ll be back in a couple of hours to post again!



Hello!!!! Updating quickly! –

i jut got out of class and Im on my way home to pick up all the jewelry and a curling iron @_@

9 more hours!!!!!!!!!!


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