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Quick update! :D

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you all a fun quick update for today!

I officially have one mitten done! 😀 I took a quick picture on my phone before I left…and realized….my phone picture skills stink!! ..so i apologize for getting more of the background in it than the actual mitten….dont worry, when I get back, Ill give you guys a better pic! but here it is! 😀 

oopsum..yeah…sorry you can’t see the detail…lol

anyway! i was walking around kohl’s today with my grandfather when i came across a pretty cool jacket that slightly resembles Bella’s hoodie/jacket in New Moon when she’s riding on the bike with Jacob

1110091738Sorry, my computer wont let me flip the pic! 😦


The jacket at Kohl’s is way more of a jacket than the jacket Bella wears in this scene. Hers is more of a hoodie.

enjoy! 😀




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