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New Moon Hannah Jacket twist on Miley Cyrus Clothing?

It’s that time of year again to hit the stores for sweet decoration and costumes 😀 it is also my favorite season 🙂 

I had a bunch of errands to run today (mostly for school work) and took my mother along with me. We ended up stopping at Walmart because she had to pick up a couple of things for Halloween. 

When we walked in i naturally made a b-line to the clothing (I’ll do it with in any store with clothes) to check out any familiar looking clothes I could match with Bella’s, so I can let you guys know 😀 What i found got me super excited!

I was looking at the Miley Cyrus stuff- I know I know, but some of her clothes aren’t that bad – 

I came across a very familiar jacket:



Looks alot like the Hannah Jacket! – and its only 20$ 


Hannah Jacket


Ironically  enough, I was wearing my Hannah jacket

Guess we can call this one the “Hannah Montana Jacket”! haha get it….cuz its Miley…right – ok moving on! 

Thats what I have for todays post, I may update a little bit later with some more! 😀 

enjoy your day! 😀

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