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Eclipse Jacket – Eclipse Wardobe Comence!

So a couple of Eclipse on set photos have been popping up here and there, and the biggest photo so far is the picture of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson walking together

Stewar And Pattinson - AE outfit

First there was the BB Dakoda jacket, then there was  the Billabong Hannah Jacket…. And now there is the American Eagle Bomber Jacket!

– the color is Beach Tar

Bellas AE jacket

as of right now, you cannot find beach tar on line – I’m not quite sure about in the actual store. You can however, find it in the clearance section on the website, the color being Tuscan Olive Green.


Cosplaysky.com also came out with their own version!


The pants she’s wearing are pretty basic. they seem to be grey skinny jeans. I actually have a pair from last year I bought at Pacsun – heres a link to nordstroms jeans –


I’m still on the search for a good brown hoodie – perhaps im being picky…but hoodies arealso pretty basic :p

– Well I’m off to class, I’ll report back later with a hoodie and tank top 🙂


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