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To Clear Up Any Confusion With The Hannah Jacket

a couple of weeks ago, a reader asked me what she would be getting if she ordered the Billabong Hannah Jacket from the Pac Sun website. Naturally i assumed she would be getting the new slightly altered re-release like everyone else, and the website was just advertising it as the old one. Just to be sure, I checked out the website and studied the pictures. Thinking this would help me answer her question, I was actually more confused than before. With different pictures, there were different qualities of both jackets, as if they were mixing the two together.

lookit the buttons!

no buttons!

The image on the left shows the original jacket – buttons and logo stitched onto a piece of fabric sewn to the jacket.

the image on the right that shows the same thing EXCEPT!…notice the lack of buttons on the collar…the lack of buttons is from the re-released jacket. but it also has the stitched and sewn logo which is from the original jacket – is anyone else slightly confused?

I headed to Pac Sun the next day to see what was up. The employers were very nice, but couldn’t give me the information  i needed, for they had no clue either (And didnt have internet…) They did offer me free shipping coupons though ^^…I declined

I Then went home and talked to Pac Sun through their website instant messenger:

They couldn’t tell me anything either. They said the information I have is the information they get :/

I finally decided to just E-mail Billabong unsure if they could answer my question (although what did i have to lose no one else could)

I finally received an E-mail from them two days ago and i wanted to post it so any one else with the same and/or similar questions will not get as confused as we did.

This is the E-mail i received from Billabong:

Hello Christilynn,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us. To answer your question about our Hannah Jacket, we have updated the style a little. Some accounts might still be advertising the older version which is the one Bella or Kristen Stewart has been seen wearing.. We are now shipping out the newer version so tat should explain why there are two slightly different Hannah Jackets out there…

please let me know if you have any further questions and thanks for supporting Billabong!!!

-Shainna 🙂

Basically any Hannah Jacket you purchase now from a website or store (not including places like eBay where old Hannah Jackets can be sold) is going to be the new one they have shipped out.

– 12/2/09 I just receieved a comment from a person named Linda, who informed me she Just purchased the Hannah jacket at a pac sun, but it was an original!  I’m asuming it may have been an extra load of Hannah jackets that were never shipped, or just never sold (?) the location was  San Diego, Westfield University Town Center.

Thank you Linda for the info!

This Jacket will never stop creating confusion for us all!

2 responses

  1. Linda

    Hey, I just bought the Hannah this morning at Pac Sun in San Diego, Westfield University Town Center to be exact and it is the original one that Kristen wears in the movie. It had the buttons and the logo is on a patch that is sewed on to the jacket and not embroidered on the jacket itself. They had a pretty good supply of them too and they also had them in black. I got the charcoal one, but they did not have the olive. I love it….and that’s an understatment. Oh and it was $59.50.

    November 29, 2009 at 8:20 am

  2. Christilynn

    wow thats amazing!!! I’m here on the opposite side of the country! I’ll have to go back and check again to see if they changed the style back, or if the place you went to in CA just got a very lucky shipment of left over originals! Thank you so much for that info! I’ll blog about it soon!! 🙂

    November 30, 2009 at 12:52 pm

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