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Bella’s New Moon Birthday Shoes! More shoes! Twilight Licenses?

I have come to the conclusion you can no long find the Vans Gisele Black/fog (Shoes Bella wears with her birthday dress in New Moon)  ANYWHERE! I’ve tried the Internet (the closest I got was a website partially in English that said they do not have the shoe in stock but I can still buy it anyway………………what – you may be able to find the shoes on European websites, I like to stick to American, jut because I feel a little bit more comfortable using my credit card on sites I’m familiar with), and they DO have the Gisele shoes in brown, but I wouldn’t almost feel bad buying a nice pair of shoes and trying to die them black…I don’t know why, but I feel bad. I’m actually glad I didn’t do it anyway.

On a whim, I walked into Journeys when I was at the mall with my mother and grandmother… they shop more than I do! I was scanning the wall to see if by any chance they had the Gisele shoes (of course they didn’t but I still check every shoes store I walk past just in case!) when I came across the discount rack. That is when I found a pair of these!

lookalikeBy first glance, I was convinced this was the pair I had been looking for, then I studied them and realized its not the same, but a great look-alike for an awesome price! one again, here’s the the picture of the actual shoes worn with the New Moon birthday dress

Gisele black/whiteNow of course they have their differences… Mine have a bit of a heel to it :


but who can beat a look-alike for $10.00 !? I completely wiped the thought of buying the brown Gisele shoes for $50.00 out of my mind! 

These shoes are ROXY Margeaux Wedge Pumps. I found them on Amazon for $30.00 but I highly suggest looking in a Journeys store if you have one near you, just because they are trying to get rid of them so they are selling them for only $10.00. 

If not, here’s the Amazon site 🙂


(yaaay I finally got my link button to work!) 

And since we are on the subject of shoes, I feel I should sneak in a small tidbit about your every day Converse  (Chuck Taylor All Star – the ones that fit below the ankle)

converseBella is spotted wearing these every so often and with her prom dress as well! 


Okay! Next Subject!!!!!! …really funny!


bellaJakeEdward(once again I’m sorry for the bad quality…..I miss my Nicole 😦 )

So while I was in Florida, I stumbled across these licenses in the magnet store in Downtown Disney. They are so cute! and on the back there’s a couple of fun facts and a quote from that character!

Shortly after purchasing it, I actually almost handed the cashier lady the Bella license by accident  because she asked for my ID when I was using my debit card! That would have been slightly awkward and a little embarrassing! 

I’m off for the day, but feel free to comment and answer the polls 🙂 Enjoy your day!!! 🙂


One response

  1. Isabella L.

    my friend has a pair of shoes that look almost exacely like the vans and there brand is sketchers…. i dont know if they sell them any more but… yeah

    July 31, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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