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NEW SPOT: Nori Hooded TREE Vest

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Hello, Twifashionistas!

It happened! Finally! A new spot! Log on to eBay, get your credit cards, AND READY SET GO!

It’s by a company called Nori (which contributed another vest previously spotted)  and is seriously one of the most comfortable tops I own.

I, however, was not the clever person to spot this time! A seasoned spotter by the name of Kristin was the one to come across this gem, and I was given permission to post here as well as Coolspotters. (Do people still use coolspotters? Lol)

She wanted to dedicate this spot to John Henson, the Twilight Clothing Collection owner and dear friend of mine as well as many others, who passed away coming up on two years ago. He was an amazing person who LOVED to share info about the items and really helped out collectors, and cosplayers around the globe.

The Nori vest wasn’t actually worn in the movie. It was a piece Kristen Stewart had tried on, but it was never used. The only place its been seen is in the Directors Notebook. Here is a photo of it below!


(Above photo from this website)




And here is a photo of it close up!!! (Don’t mind the bags in the background… were still moving in to our new home!)

Worth the buy if you get the chance!

Hoping this gives everybody a little bit of spark(le) back to their heavy collecting days! The race is on!

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Forever Twilight in Forks

Go Ask Alice Cullen

I don’t often talk about my online Twilight life with people I know in the real world. Inevitably, they don’t understand. Of course, there will always be people who are supportive – people who think it’s cool or unique or quirky – but largely, the response from my peers and family is confusion.

I’m a woman in my 20s with a thriving career, a fiance and my own home. I’m getting married in 2018 and I have a close social circle. I have my life together. And because cosplay represents escapism to people who don’t understand its full breadth, I’m often faced with the question of “why do you keep doing the Twilight thing when you have so much else going on? Why would you use your vacation time every year to go to Forks so you can pretend to be a vampire?”

I’ll tell you why.

Sassy AliceBecause it’s fun…

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Let’s Get Lost

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Every actor has their method, a way to get into the grove of their character. Where I do not remotely consider myself an actress, whenever Forever Twilight In Forks (FKA Stephenie Meyer Day) rolls around, I too have my methods. Getting away from real life and hopping back into the twilight world is tough sometime, especially when having ten billion things on my mind! So I make sure I take the time starting around this time (July) to really channel my Bella Swan.

Of course I watch the movies, re-read blog posts about clothes, come up with questions I’d ask Bella and then answer them as Bella… but a favorite of mine  – Listening to the soundtracks.

I have such a strange personality even I can’t put my finger on it. I guess being a Gemini is really the only way I can explain it. I’m chill and carefree on the outside, but on the inside its like a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions… sometimes I swear I have so much going on in there not only do I have me, but I’m fairly certain I have 3 more of me from past lives. Sometimes, depending on what day you catch me on, a little bit of that chaotic makes its way to the outside, and that usually comes with so many more emotions other than “chill” one of the biggest ones being nostalgia.

Whenever I put those soundtracks on it’s as if nostalgia grew a 5 pound hand and smacked me across the face. Even though the movies weren’t as spread out as some, each soundtrack seemed to come out in a different stage of my life. So naturally when I listen to them, I think about those times. And for that, I think my favorite soundtrack would have to be Eclipse.

Eclipse was the soundtrack I listened to non stop the summer I graduated college. It was ALSO the summer I first planned on going to Forks and exploring it for the first time. (It’s also obviously the soundtrack I listened to while driving to Forks on only 3 hours of sleep) That is THE soundtrack I put on when I want to get pumped. It’s as if I’m completely and 100% back in the days when we all ate, breathed and lived twilight. It’s as if nothing ever changed. It reminds me of why I still do this, and why I had a crazy idea to go to Forks in the first place. It’s so special to me in so many ways I can go on forever, so I’ll let you guys share your stories.


“Just for tonight, darling, let’s get lost.”




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Your dream Alice Cullen

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I read Twilight before I saw the film. I read Twilight before the movie cast was announced and the faces of actors replaced the fantasy versions of the Cullens I’d created for myself. And while it’s been easy for me to re-read Twilight and imagine certain actors in their roles – Kellan Lutz as Emmett, for example – I’ve never gone back to the novels and pictured Ashley Greene as Alice.

To be clear: Ashley Greene is stunning. Her portrayal of Alice was sweet and she made the best of the role she earned. But she isn’t who I imagined as Alice – not even close.

Why? I think it comes down to Alice’s aesthetic in the films.

Based on Stephenie’s description of Alice, I pictured her as an eccentric: her hair pointing in every direction, her clothing a fashionable mishmash of styles that only she could possibly pull off…

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Some Thoughts

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Hello everyone!

I know these blog posts have been becoming few and far between, so I wanted to make a quick post about where I am with everything.

My life has been in constant changing motion for the past 3 years (It’s a good thing!) I am no longer the college student that was able to focus all her free time and energy on this blog. Don’t get me wrong, this blog is and will forever be my baby.

Right now there are just so many personal things happening to me, I really need to focus on those things. This ISN’T a “break up” letter. Actually on the contrary, this is a “Will you please forgive me and accept me when I show up on your door step” letter.

I love this blog, and I love this community. And if you would all still have me, I would like to continue updating when I can!

I love you all!


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Personal Identity and Twilight Cosplay

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Cosplay is a fantastical hobby. It allows you to become someone you would otherwise only encounter in your wildest dreams, if only for a day; allows you to imagine yourself taking on the experiences of an entirely different person. Physically, you alter or obscure your own features to look more like someone else. Emotionally, you try to imitate their state of mind, their actions, and their manner of speaking. It’s fun and it’s appealing because it’s different from the mundane workings of everyday life.

Wigs and costumes and makeup help you transform, and when it’s over – when you’re peeling the false eyelashes from your lids and washing the makeup from your face – you can reflect on how much fun you had. And how ultimately, despite that fun, it’s feels a lot more comfortable just being you.

I don’t cosplay simply as a hobby anymore. I used to. In…

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To The Girl Who Doesn’t Look Like K- Stew

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Dear Girl,

I’m sorry it took me so long to write this. I suppose it took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. By now, you might not even be a girl any more. You may have already graduated college . You may have gotten married. Maybe you’re about to start a family.

Dear Girl,

You are beautiful.


Let me elaborate.

I never really noticed how important it was to look like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight community (though it was all around me) until a friend came to me upset, explaining to me that people were only considered “pretty” if they looked like Kristen Stewart. I had began to notice she was right. Girls would post pictures of themselves – even videos – asking “Do I Look Like Kristen Stewart?”.

In selfies, girls would slightly distort their faces to change their facial features to have similarities of Kristen Stewart. We were all so obsessed looking at a picture and trying to see that face, that we completely overlooked the fact that this person was actually making a weird and unflattering face.

You don’t have to look like Kristen Stewart to be beautiful. Be you. Do your makeup the way you want to wear it, throw your hair up (or leave it down) the way it feels comfortable to you, and when your taking a  photo, show YOUR smile, not someone else’s.

Anyone can cosplay. By all means, have a Bella day. Wear her clothes, do your hair and your makeup, but don’t lose you. At the end of the day, take it all off, wash your face, and look in the mirror at your reflection – because if you are so set on looking like someone else, one day, you will look in the mirror and realize your reflection is not your own. It’s not what its supposed to be, and you may not be able to get back the reflection you’ve lost.

Dear Girl,

Love yourself, love your face, and always remember to love your twilight partner in crimes’ as well!

Love Always –


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Reader question: Contact lens recommendations

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Morning, ladies!

A reader named Mariam send me the following question this morning:

Hey, I saw your website and your review on the orange looking contacts. I’m also looking for a golden brown Cullen contacts. Did you find a more suitable color? Let me know, thanks!

When it comes to creating a Cullen look, the devil really is in the details – and an enormous part of those details are focused on the contact lenses you choose to complete your vampire persona.

So what did I recommend?

Well, my number one option will always be the 9mmsfx lenses in “Twilight.” These lenses are pricy – starting at $150 per lens – but it’s important to note that each pair is hand painted and can last forever, if you take proper care of them. They’re also the most authentic representation of the Cullen lenses I’ve ever seen, as they’re vibrantly golden…

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Screen Accurate vs Replica vs Alternative vs Inspired – An Ebay Lister’s Guide

There are many different ways you can acquire Bella Swan’s (Cullen’s) clothing and incorporate into your every day wardrobe. weather it be just a piece of inspired jewelry, or full 100% screen accurate clothing right down to the shoe laces. It seems as of late people are getting a bit confused as how to label clothing items, and it seems to lead even more people into fits of rage… that may be a bit of a stretch.

Let me start off with a simple basic listing chart:

1) Screen Accurate

2) Replica

3) Alternative (AKA alt)

4) Inspired

I’ve ranked these starting with number one as most official to least. (I suppose 0 would be the exact clothing on Kristen Stewart’s body)

Screen Accurate as basically self explanatory. It is the exact brand, color and detail. (You have to be careful with re-releases, sometimes the company changes a couple of details that can knock it down 2 points to an alt!) It is the best ‘quality’ Bella clothing you can get.

Replica is a great second best. Chances are you wont be spending as much money, and it has just about every detail and color down as close as possible! (A lot of the times the replicase don’t have the exact same fabric used on the original which can also alter the color difference) you can find a lot of great replicas on Etsy or Cosplay sky.

An Alternative is close to a replica but just not quite there. Chances are the color is off, or the pattern is a bit different but has the same color scheme, but over all the body of the item is correct. simply put, its a piece of clothing that passes as something specific Bella has worn, but when you look at the details, its obvious its not exact.

Inspired is what seems to get the most people confused. Inspired would be an item the has a very familiar Bella feel to it, but nothing about it that matches up with a specific item (Save maybe color or the fact its a hoodie etc.) Many people have labeled inspired clothing as Alts. Where there can be a fine line between both at some point, use your noggins, people!

I’ve listed these in hopes people will get a better understanding on how to search for items using these key words, how to label items properly, and hopefully to end some confusion that has been spreading around the Bella Swan clothing community! I hope this helps!

Rare Items: 3) H&M Plaid

ima moon

In the beginning of my collecting years after acquiring a tiny little collection consisting of one BB Dakota and one Billabong Hannah Jacket, I decided to set off and try to find SOMETHING that resembled that cute little button down shirt Bella wore in the beginning of Twilight. For some reason it was appealing to me in a way no other item was. I think it may have been the fact that every times I went to go see twilight in theaters (I counted 8 times) I became more and more infatuated with this whole story. When the opening began, I would get butterflies in my stomach and the second I saw Kristen Stewart on-screen, I knew I was back on the 2 hour ride through Twilight. pheonixI guess I had subconsciously roped together that feeling with this top. Obviously, I needed to have it.

I hate to admit it but I was HORRIBLE at trying to find good alternatives. I found one such alt. in H&M. I was pretty bad, but on the right track. My lovely roommate back in the day modeling said alt



Later on I would learn the top had been spotted as an H&M Plaid. Reading all the reviews and seeing none on ebay except for previous listings pretty much geared me up to except the fact that I would never in a million years own one.

2 years later proved me wrong when I saw a listing on Ebay for quite the pretty penny. No one was touching it. Though it was expensive, the price wasnt unheard of. I had the extra cash, and I wish I could say I gracefully hit the Buy It Now button without a care in the world. Truth is, where I was had no internet connection, so I demanded my friend lend me his phone while I obsessed over the listing for about 5 minutes before I actually bought it, all the while my friend telling me I was crazy.

I received the package just in enough time to take it to Forks with me for my first officially Stephenie Meyer Day as Bella Swan.

Now on to the good stuff!

The actual fabric itself is actually really soft. Though soft, there is no give. It feels delicate, but is actually very strong. The color of the fabric as a whole could be considered a bit muted, but when you study it up close, the greens and reds really pop.


My 2 favorite aspects about this top:

A) The shoulder straps. For some reason I just love any shirt or jacket that does that! I feel like it kind of achieves the look crazy shoulder pads were trying to achieve.


B) The snap buttons! These buttons make getting dressed super easy!


Speaking of buttons, this unique plaid pattern allows you to wear the top buttoned or unbuttoned due to the slight curves in the vertical lines. When you have it buttoned, it gives your figure the look of a slim slightly longer torso. When its unbuttoned, the curves in the lines gives the fabric the illusion it’s still hugging your figure.

This top is one of my favorites. It’d be very difficult to let this one go!

ima moon