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Rare Items: 1) Vans Wellesley Hiker Boots

ima moon

The first item on the list of rare items I would rather enjoy talking about are the Vans Wellesley Hiker Boots. Before I was able to acquire these lovely shoes I had always had an eye out for them. It wasn’t so much the fact that they were shoes (because lets face it… I am obsessed with shoes), but because of how they were portrayed in Breaking Dawn part 1.
I know that must sound a little odd, but for some reason, the outfit Bella wore in the scene where she was practicing in her Manolo Blahnik wedding heels just seemed to come together in such a different way when she slid them back on. It really transformed the outfit, bringing it from a bit too clean and neat for Bella to girlie with a tiny bit of rough around the edges (which is what I adore most about Bella’s wardrobe).

Actually sliding your feet into these shoes isn’t as difficult as it may seem (Kristen Stewart did a great job of demonstrating this in the movie.) The laces are easy to loosen, and true to a boot design, you don’t necessarily have to lace them all the way up.
The actual support of the shoe is not the greatest. Some people may find they need to add inserts. Sizing however is spot on and true to size!

The color is actually very interesting to behold in person. Where you can easily say it is brown, the color goes much deeper than that. It is a cool reddish-brown, with slight undertones of blue, making the color come off as a cool burgundy color in certain lighting.
The cream-colored stitching and bottom of the shoes and the red and burgundy  from the laces complement this complex melody of colors, and ties it all in.


They are in fact great to wear with skinny jeans. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to break up the dressy outfit you have going on up top, these are the perfect shoes to do it!



These skater shoes still live up to their reputation of being hard to find. Ebay is a great place to look. Even though they hardly pop up, vans offer great alternatives as well. Other great places to check are Bella Swan clothing Facebook pages. A lot of collectors post what they are selling so they don’t have to deal with eBay!
That’s it for now! Happy hunting!


ima moon

Rare Items: Preface

So recently I have been debating blogging about some of Bella’s hard to find peices. I can remember way back to when Inside Bella’s Closet was just a baby, I would scour the Internet looking for more information and more pictures on the rare items of that time. For some reason, the mysterious people who had these items would only post one horribly pixilated photo of their item that would pop up on Google search… and that was about it.

It was pretty frustrating to blog about a certain piece with out a good quality photo and of course details to go along with it. Lucky for us, the world of twilight clothing has come such a long way since then. Facebook groups have been made, more people have become involved and of course more friendships have blossomed.  Through all of these wonderful networking tools, the twilight clothing world has opened the doors to much more information than it had even three years ago, and I can’t wait to share! 

How To Ebay For Less!

ima moon

We all have that dream Bella Swan piece… you know, the one that you set your eyes on from the beginning telling yourself one day you will buy it? The one that is super hard to find…The one that finally pops up on ebay for 300 + when you have no money to spend at all…..

There is a simple solution to this problem.

I will start off by saying nothing, no matter how rare it is, is worth putting yourself in debt. Buying a Twilight Betsy Johnson top for $550.00 is fine… if you have the cash for it. For the most of us that do not have a spare $600.00, resort to this method I like to call “Patience and Control” a costume collectors two closest friends.

P&C are like the friends you have that know you inside and out. They are the friends that give you advise you never actually listen to, and then regret it later. Now is a good time to start listening to them!

In all my years of being a Bella Swan ebay shopper, the number one thing I have learned was to only spend money when I have it. Credit cards are a very tempting thing, which is why I don’t have them hooked up to my account. For the most part, my ebay shopping is very spread out and scattered. Waiting for the right piece at the right price is definitely a difficult thing, but that’s where the patience comes in.

I know what your thinking. I’m crazy for insinuating Bella’s rare pieces will ever be cheap enough to buy with pocket change… but yeah… that’s exactly what I’m getting at. Someone somewhere is always selling something Bella related, whether they know it or not, and no matter how old the item is. Clothing from the first Twilight film is STILL showing up on ebay new with tags. That in its self should give all you avid ebayers out there some hope that whatever it is you are looking for will always show itself in the future.

As for the pricing, try searching your item with various descriptions. Do not put “Bella Swan” in the search. Eventually, you will find the piece you are looking for, whether it takes weeks or months.

I can honestly say this really does work. I was able to get an American Rag thermal for about $18.00

Twilight Hoodie 3

and a Susina Jacket for $20.00!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with either of these tops, both go for $1000.00 + on ebay.

So all you need to do, is sit back chill out, and wait it out. It will pay off in the end!!

Keep Calm And Ebay On! 

ima moon

“Stephenie Meyer DAY”

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and post about the event that started it all. If you frequent this blog, then the Stephenie Meyer Day events are no stranger to you. For those of you unfamiliar with it, This 3.5 day festival takes place in Forks, Washington, and commemorates the author, and celebrates everything twilight. From tours to vendors to twilight events, this celebration is held throughout the whole town, and definitely gives you your twilight fix!


The reason I hold this festival so dear to my heart is because I along with many others participate in the Stephenie Meyer Day Cast. That’s right! Stephenie Meyer Day has its own cast that participates in events and takes photos with the guests!  This year the Stephenie Meyer Day cast has many of the characters you are familiar with, and they are very eager to meet each and every one of you, but I wont spoil the surprise just yet!

are some photos of us at some of the events!poster signingwedding celebration





(Tanner Ochel Photography)

Stephenie Meyer day is such a fun weekend for a family with all ages!

To check out more info about the events we will be working at, and events we will be holding for 2013, check out our Facebook page and our website!

Keep The Sparkle!

ima moon

Yes… it is true, the Twilight Saga has finished up at the box office. Twilight conventions are closing their doors, and the cast is scattering, moving on to other things.

Even though this is a reality, it doesn’t mean the magic is gone. There are millions of  fans scattered all over the world who have dedicated their time and money into ways to give back to the community through Twilight. From donating blood to making dreams come true, why stop now? Why let all of that hard work and passion go to waste?


I’m here to challenge everyone to keep the sparkle alive. Though the movies are over, the story lives on. So keep donating blood and volunteer to read books to children at your local library. Who cares how many times you and your friends have read Twilight, make a day to have a themed book discussion. Definitely don’t stop having those crazy twilight marathons at your local theater either!

Rock on with your twiself and cosplay your heart out.

For me, there will always be one more item to spot, and one more twilight friend to make.

So, my friends, I thank you for keeping this tiny piece of the infinite twilight community alive.

You can bet I will continue to blog here with updates and new spots, and answer any questions you may have!

Keep the sparkle!

ima moon

Say Thank You!

I cannot begin to explain how much the Twilight films have impacted my life, and if you know a little bit about my work in the Twilight world, you understand where I’m coming from! I can still remember the first time I saw Twilight. My hair was hardly touching my shoulders, and I thought wearing a maroon hoodie with a white pair of knitted gloves could pass for the van crash scene…

Now I sit in front of my laptop, the same laptop I started blogging with those couple of years ago, reminiscing about my Twilight movie experiences, and how they got me where I am today. I have a huge extended Twilight family that ranges across the world.  I have traveled many places and got to work with some amazing actors and actresses. I got to BE Bella Swan.

My favorite Twilight Saga moment (and probably most memorable) is when I went to see New Moon (for the 3rd time) with my mother and sister in-law. I was super excited to show them the movie because they hadn’t seen it yet, my sister in-law newly curious about Twilight. The theater was generally quiet, and we enjoyed the movie. Just at the end, when Edward proposed to Bella and the screen went to black, a very large man shot up from his seat right behind us and yelled “Oh hell no!” at the screen and walked out disappointed Bella couldn’t fit in a response. I would have to say that moment made the movie even better.

Seeing as how the newest and final movie to the Twilight Saga is upon us, I thought it a fun idea to write our most memorable Twilight saga films moments, and post them in celebration, a way to thank everyone involved for bringing something so wonderful to life, and impacting our lives as much or as little as it has!

Starting now, I will be accepting emails with your name, where you are from, and your story! I will post them here on the blog, and if we get enough stories, perhaps we can share them with Summit themselves! I will accept emails up and through the 23rd of November!

Please send your story! We’d love to hear it, and we’d all love to let Summit know how thankful we are!

EMAIL TO: Twifashion@gmail.com

Dress for Breaking Dawn Part 2!

It takes a lot of guts to walk into a public area swarming with twilight fans, dressed as Bella Swan. Not only will you catch people pointing and talking about you, but they will be judging you on your outfit. It’s a good thing we have some guide lines here to go off of! 






Splendid Tab Sleeve Striped Henley



Keds Champion Canvas Sneakers




7 for All Mankind the Skinny Second Skin Jeggings






Vince Scrunched Ankle Leggings 



T by Alexander Wang Fitted Tee Dress





Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer Jacket



Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants



LD Tuttle the Weave Leather Double Layer Combat Boot


be sure to throw in Bella’s engagement ring, her wedding band, and her Cullen Crest cuff, all found at Hot Topic! 

Though most of these items an only be found on ebay, finding alternatives to the clothing shouldn’t be too hard this time around! Just remember, no matter what your wearing, wear it with all the confidence a vampire has! 

Bella’s Entertainment Weekly Shoot Wardrobe Causing Confusion?


June 12th 2012, Entertainment Weekly released a “sneak peek” photo of Bella, Edward, and Renesmee Cullen clad in outfits that seemed to compliment each other. We were told to check back the next day for a complete release of official movie stills as well as a couple of new EW Magazine covers.

For some reason, when I read breaking dawn, one outfit in particular stood out in my mind (yes, spoiler alert!). When Bella goes to pick up the ‘legal (…not so legal..) documents’ for Jacob and Renesmee, she is describing an outfit Alice, no doubt, had picked out for her. The main piece being a cashmere dress.

I obviously cannot say for sure, but it seems as though the dress Bella Swan is wearing on one of two EW covers COULD be the dress. I was so excited to see this dress as well as all the official stills, I COMPLETELY overlooked something rather important.

I was having a very quick one on one chat with John Henson ( The Hillywood Show costume designer and owner of the official Twilight Costume Collection), when he brought up the main photo of Bella, Edward, and Renesmee.

Most of us, if not all, are very familiar with the outfit displayed on Twi-tour:

Incase a couple of us are a bit rusty, lets review. The Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer, Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants, and finally, Steven by Steve Madden Isolate Lace Up Booties.

Having a quick glimpse at the Entertainment Weekly photo, we’d all assume it was the same outfit…

Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer, Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants, and finally, Steven by Steve Madden Isolate Lace Up Booties. !?!?!?

John had brought it to my attention that those boots though at first glance look the same, may in fact be a completely different pair, if not altered.

Coming from a man who owns a pair of the Isolate boots, he states that the ones from Twi-tour have a thick sole, while the boots’ soles in this picture have a thinner sole. The laces also seem to start further up on the [EW] boots.

“They seem custom or altered. The back leather guards are very battle fantasy…”

John went on to explain there seems to be an extra leather piece wrapping around the back that lace into the front, and the boots may not even have a heel. He then joked and said the designer could be toying with us twifashion fans.

So… if these aren’t the Isolate boots… what are they? And if these aren’t the Isolate boots… will they be showing them in the movie at all?


Bella Swan’s Heirloom Hair Comb – Where To Buy The REAL DEAL

hair comb

When MTV released the unforgettable Breaking Dawn 1 official teaser trailer, about 3 things stuck out to me. One, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s wedding invitation (I told my self I would definitely be recreating them for no reason at some point), two, the cut of the top of Bella Swan’s wedding dress (as a Bella Swan impersonator and cosplayer, every detail counts, and no matter how small the clues were, I grasped on to every bit of them) and three, Bella Swan’s heirloom bridal comb.

Seeing the hair piece, I KNEW it would be out in stores before the movie would be out in the cinemas. There was no way NECA (the licensed collectables company that produces prop replica jewelry for the Twilight Saga, among other things) would pass up this incredible opportunity. What twi-girl WOULDN’T want that comb?

A couple of months later, Necca did in fact release the comb in stores as well as online. At the time, I myself was unsure of whether or not I wanted to purchase it right away. In the end, I was obligated, being hired to work a Breaking Dawn wedding event for Fandango, but that’s another story for another time.

I was very impressed by the quality of the comb, and thought it a nice touch to add the blue velvet box. After seeing the movie, I couldn’t help but to think how Summit acquired THEIR comb. There could have been so many possibilities.

The answer lies with The Gilded Lilly, a jewelry store known for their pearls and unique styles, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.The Gilded Lilly was commissioned by Summit Entertainment to create the bridal comb, and actually worked with studio representatives. To read more about it, click here!

So now I’m sure you are all wondering if we can buy it. I’m pleased to say that the Gilded Lilly has made it possible to buy THE EXACT style used in the movie made with all of the same materials. Though the store offers different versions of the bridal comb from $29.99 – $36,000.00, the one used in the film goes for $399.00, and is called Bella’s Bridal Comb – Heirloom Edition. You can check it out here!

To check out more beautiful creations by The Gilded Lilly, Check out their website!

The Gilded Lilly

In The Car – Bella’s Cream pullover Sweater

in the car

I have had many people ask about this one sweater in particular. It is a very simple yet elegant piece. The scoop neck rests gently on the shoulders, and the slight ridges in the material give it a subtle texture. 

I for one, am curious about the costume designer’s motives. It is a lovely sweater, but If I had just found out I was having a half vampire baby no one knew anything about, and my husband was not too happy about it… a beautiful sweater would not have been my first choice. Perhaps that was the closest thing to appropriate and comfortable that Alice Cullen had packed, or perhaps it was just something that would work well with the shot. Either way, it is obvious Alice is one amazing fashionista.

This Sweater is known as the Hive & Honey Open Neck Lurex Pullover Sweater American Eagle Short Sleeve Sweater. Unfortunately, it isn’t being sold any more, but it has been spotted a couple of times on eBay. It has also been spotted at Plato’s Closet. If you live near one, I suggest you check it out, you may find more than one Bella Swan piece there!

The Belstaff Jacket – Revisited and Revised

The Belstaff Jacket - Revised and revisited

As everyone is gearing up for the movie release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, us Twilight fashion fanatics are grasping on to the very few movie stills that are slowly opening new gateways to highly anticipated clothing possibilities. It is true, that with the Breaking Dawn movies, costume designer Michael Wilkinson has NOT disappointed us. From the dainty and elegant wedding dress designed by Carolina Herrera, to the very “classic American summer’ style honey moon clothing, the cast was certainly dressed to impress.

One high end brand that seems to reoccur   in both Breaking Dawn movies is Belstaff.

In Breaking Dawn Part 1 we see Bella Swan clad in a Belstaff New Greenford Blouson Lady Jacket, paired with the (James Perse) Contrast Panel Shirt, 7 for all Man Kind jeggings, and Van Wellesley Hiker Skate shoes. Jacob Black was also seen wearing Belstaff.

As twilight conventions began evolving with Breaking Dawn material, photos began to flood the internet, one in particular that got the twifashion world buzzing. .

Yet Another Belstaff jacket is spotted for Bella Swan.

This was discovered to be the Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer jacket. It had never appeared in Breaking Dawn Part 1 and most had already anticipated it for vampire action in Breaking Dawn Part 2. In the official Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster of Bella Cullen, She is finally spotted wearing the jacket! (The image in the poster is actually flipped. the fold of the breast piece is on the wrong side). The jacket itself had been sold in the colors Silver, and Black. The Silver color is actually still available to purchase HERE.

HOLD UP! You certainly do not want to jump the gun on this one. In the poster, the jacket looks undeniably black, but in the photos from conventions, it leans more toward the silver color. So the question is, which is it!? Black, or Silver? The answer: none of the above. Of course it would be too good to be true to purchase the screen accurate jacket. This Belstaff masterpiece was made specifically for the film. The color of the jacket is actually a pewter color with a distressed look, paired with copper hardware.


So, in theory, you can splurge over $1000.00 to get the silver jacket… or you can wait for Cosplaysky.com to produce a most likely VERY screen accurate replica of the Double Breasted Blazer for a cost much more wallet friendly. There have been rumors cosplaysky will have this jacket, but it had not been confirmed. I think ill take my chances and cross my fingers for cosplaysky!

Bella’s Blue Slip – La Perla?

Thanks to Ann, I enjoyed a fun and amusing read as well as something to think about!

During an MTV interview, it was said that Bella’s infamous blue lingerie is La Perla. From what I have searched for on their website, it is no longer in stock (at least not on the site) I’m sure it will be spotted soon! :) In the mean time, enjoy this fun read!

Read me! :)

Thanks again to Ann! :)

Bella Swan Lingerie, Anyone??

Hey Everyone!!

Thanks SO MUCH to Ann for finding what we all have been looking for!! :)

This is the Agent Provocateur Fifi Slip!

Very beautiful and very risqué! Expect nothing but the best from Alice!



Happy shopping!

Bella’s Splendid Cropped Pants – Breaking Dawn

The twifashion facebook gang has done it again! The Splendid pants spotted on Bella Swan in the scene where she finds out she is pregnant has been re-released thanks to many twilight clothing fans! Please note they cropped her pants for the movie.


Click here to buy! 

Thanks again to all who have contributed to making this happen! You have made many other fans just as happy!

Bella’s Wedding Dress and Shoes

Finally, after all the anticipation, guessing, and the occasional trying to find leaked photos, we have seen Bella’s wedding dress! Great news to all us twilight fans out there, the dress has finally been released and is now being sold to the public!

The original dress worn by Kristen Stewart was designed by Carolina Herrera, and would retail around $ 35,000 – LUCKILY, Alfred Angelo released a replica of the dress for $ 800.00.

Check out Bella’s wedding dress for less! 

To see the replica worn and modeled, and to hear more about the dress, click here to watch the video!

Moving on to the very beautiful shoes. Bella Swan was seen wearing the most elegant pair of white satin pumps. Alice had really outdone herself with these.

Costing more than replica gown, these replicated, swan embellished Satin pump Manola Blahnik shoes cost $1,295.00.

Click here to check out the website! 

PLEASE NOTE! – Thank you to Maria, the shoes are said to run a half size too small!

Happy Wedding Shopping!

Is your wallet ready for Breaking Dawn?

A bathing suit? No problem! Banana Republic sweater? Sure, why not! A Belstaff New Greenford Blouson Lady Jacket?… PARDON!?

It’s blatantly obvious that with the anticipated wedding of the century, it wouldn’t be friendly to our bank account as we take into consideration the top secret wedding dress Mrs. soon to be Cullen wears to meet Edward down the isle to finally say “I Do”. Though it was announced Alfred Angelo will be re-creating Bella’s dress in time for the premiere, it’s not expected to come cheap!

In this scene alone, Bella Swan is spotted wearing the Belstaff Jacket,  7 For All Mankind Skinny Second Skin Jeggings, Vans – Wellesly Hiker Skate Shoes, Manolo Blahnik shoes, with custome design and beading believed to be by Carolina Herrera, The James Perse Contrast Panel Shirt, and a beautiful dainty new four leaf clover ring.

taking certain things into consideration, like the custom design shoes, This single outfit comes out to around $2,000.00!

Before you take a second mortgage out to further your Breaking Dawn wardrobe collection, you should know you CAN rest a bit easier. Our very lovely and reliable NECA has already released prop jewelry, that can be found at your local Hot Topic store, or at Hottopic.com (I know i’d be horrified to learn how much the real necklace Aro gifts to Bella really costs!)

If you hurry, you can get 50% off your second item of purchase!

For more information about this outfit, please visit coolspotters.com!

Happy Twilighting!


Breaking Dawn – Bella’s Baby bump shirt

I’m ALIVE!  Finally after patiently waiting, Summit has given us something to work with! I am assuming we have all seen the Breaking dawn trailer! For those of you who havent, go watch it!


One very distinct scene in the trailer shows bela when she realizes she is pregnant. Though everyone is still working on the sweatshorts she is wearing, Coolspotters confirm the shirt she is wearing is the American Eagle Military Henley. This of course is sold out of stores, but check the clearance wrack!

A great alternative can be found at HERE at Aeropostale!


New Breaking Dawn Outfit!

Hey everyone!!!! Long time no post! I’m super excited about this one!

Thanks to Danielle M, She submitted a picture found on coolspotters of a possibly new outfit of Bellas for Breaking Dawn!

Drum roll please!

I don’t have much info on the picture – I am assuming it’s from the Comic-con that just passed but I could very much be wrong. I’m going to keep researching this picture – if you have any new info, let me know! :)

Thanks to coolspotters, Here are the boots! :)

STEVEN by Steve Madden Women’s Isolate Boot


Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pant (in Charcoal)

(Thanks to Bella C. for providing this awesome link!)

I don’t know about you guys, but I could totally see Alice making Bella wear this after she is turned into a vampire – it looks so bad ass!

The AMAZING jacket is the Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Blazer Jacket. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, but I have been to the website – they are very notorious for creating jackets for movies such as Iron Man II. It MAY not even have been released to the public. I checked the prices of their jackets and they are all around $1000+ YIKES!

Thanks to these references!



Happy Breaking Dawn shopping!

Bella’s Bedroom Blue prints and Screen Caps!

So a bunch of you guys asked me about Bella’s room and blue prints way back in December – it took me a while (and even longer to figure out how to get screencaps) but I finally got it all set! :) The first picture is just an overall summary of how the room is set up – the pictures following are screenshots that show the detail (they start in order from the wall that her bed is against rotating clock wise) Enjoy!! :) (i also based it off of the new moon bedroom – its only a tiiiny bit different – a couple more details added – and is the same in Eclipse!)

(please note – I am sure the proportions are off – bear with me ^^ )

(Bella’s walls seem to be made of the concrete-ish texture finish)

(I skip over the bay window – because all that is there is the bay window :p )

And that completes the Bella Swan Bedroom Tour! :) 

Can’t get certain twilight clothing where you live?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that if you are having trouble getting certain Twilight clothing items shipped because of where you live, i would be happy to help ship them to you!

Email me with what you are interested in purchasing and we will work out the kinks!:)

Twifashion Update

Hey guys!

I just created a side blog for you all called the Twifashion Update.

I get a lot of awesome emails from you guys giving me updates about certain things going on sale, or certain items being resold etc!

I thought it would be cool to post these updates there!

pretty much, all you have to do is visit the site and subscribe. when you do that, you will receive notifications of when twilight merch goes on sale! pretty awesome right!?


Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Bathing suits

With all of these photos being released it shouldn’t come as any surprise at all that most of the clothes are already identified :)

All thanks goes to the coolspotters people, and everyone participating  on the facebook fan page  :) thank you everyone!

This is the Susan Monaco U Ring Bikini Set – i have not found a place to purchase this bathing suit, so if anyone has come across it, please let us know! :)

This is the Banana Republic Double Trim v-neck sweater in DARK TEAL- I’m not gonna lie – I just bought one….. (a little pricey but it looks beautiful)

Nanner Pubs! :)

I love this top – I think its beautiful. This is the ASOS mix & Match Moulded Bikini Top – when I first saw this top I thought it was going to be super expensive – boy was I pleasantly surprised! :)

Mix & Match


Help The Children!

For all you Dr Cullen fans!

There is a telethon raising money for children charities such as the local children’s hospital (This is in Australia)

One of our fellow Twilighters asked if I could post this info. It would be super nice to call in and donate and support!

There will be Celebrities appearing on the telethon including Booboo Stewart AKA Seth Clearwater!!!! :) – if you call in, you may be lucky enough to speak with him! he will be doing a couple of skits tonight and tomorrow, and will be manning the phones inbetween! very exciting!

unfortunately I cannot post any links right now for some reason, but if you click the facebook page icon on the sidebar, it will bring you to our facebook page, where a link to donate has been posted on the wall! :)

There is also another link posted to read more about Booboo Stewart appearing on the telethon!

Thank you so much for all of your generosity and donations! 




Here is a whole bunch of photos taken of Edward and Bella! – rumored to be on set and filming!


The dress?

PLEASE NOTE! – Our Alice has spoken to Summit and they claim the dress Kristen Stewart is wearing is a “One of a kind vintage dress”  as of right now we know nothing is the original! (Thank you Alice!)


(website thanks to Candace :) )



(website thanks to Ally)

Thanks to our very own Alice! (who saw that one coming…oh wait..she did… :p )

My guess is that the dress whas a “Honey Moon” dress Alice packed for Bella.



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